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 January 2013   
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Hauoli Makahiki Hou
Enhancements at Maui Pump
Progress at Keaau Crushing Facility
Palmyra Atoll Goes Renewable
HFN Picks Up Distilled Fuel
New Faces at Pacific Biodiesel
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Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!   

A message from Pacific Biodiesel VP, Kelly King   


Pacific Biodiesel Vice President Kelly King

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou! What better way to start off a happy new year than with the reinstatement of the Biodiesel FET credit? Many thanks to our federal lawmaking contingent, and let's keep the support coming so we can continue to grow the biodiesel industry to create more clean fuel, more jobs and more energy security.


While America enjoys the continued leadership of many of our renewable energy champion politicos, the struggle continues to maintain support for real-time production of renewable fuel with so much focus on start-ups. This is where the rubber meets the road, where gainful employment happens, petroleum is displaced and local economies benefit from locally produced fuel. It is hard work to compete with a heavily subsidized fossil fuel establishment, yet we forge ahead with our mission. We're gratified when policymakers see the results of our efforts and realize that supporting the doers gets things done!


As Pacific Biodiesel Technologies works through the commissioning of the Big Island Biodiesel plant, the excitement about the distilled fuel grows exponentially. The fact that we can now process some of the most highly degraded feedstock into the country's best quality renewable fuel has significantly increased interest in our technology and demand for our biodiesel. Our sustainable community-based model makes it all the more beneficial as we create a true triple-bottom line. Now, with the first community-scale commercial distillation of biodiesel fuel, we can literally say we are "clearly the best!"


We look forward to another year of quality fuel production, and we continue to recognize all PBT employees and customers as champions of sustainability. Mahalo nui loa!


Extensions and Enhancements
Pacific Biodiesel applauds extension of Federal tax incentives as Maui Pump prepares for B20 sales
When President Obama signed a renewable energy incentive package that reinstated the Biodiesel Federal Tax Credit through the end of 2013, Pacific Biodiesel was happy to notify customers that B100 prices would remain the same as they have been for nearly ten months. With increased availability, the most competitive price on the island and fuel that protects Hawaii's fragile environment, biodiesel is becoming more and more popular among diesel customers and fleets in Hawaii.

Stable prices are not the only exciting thing happening at the Maui
Pacific Biodiesel's Maui pump has maintained the same B-100 price for over nine months
fueling station. New tanks and dispensers have been installed to also offer a B20 blend at the station. This will give new customers the option to start with a biodiesel blend in their diesel vehicles. "We believe that after using B20 with success, many of these new customers will decide to make the move to B100," said Director of Sales & Marketing, Beth Mathias. Ray Michaels, owner of Maui Plumbing, fuels his trucks at Pacific Biodiesel. "My Dodge runs better on biodiesel than regular diesel," he said. "I think from an environmental standpoint, it just makes sense," added Maui customer Greyson Fertig.

The upgraded Maui station, which will simultaneously accommodate multiple vehicles, is expected to be online before the end of February.

Pacific Biodiesel deeply appreciates the efforts of all our customers and biodiesel champions who have advocated for support of Hawaii's sustainable, renewable fuel at the Federal, State and County levels.

We've Got a Crush on the Big Island  

Progress at seed crushing facility in Keaau 


As oilseed plant trials continue on Oahu, the second part of the

Coverall tent and slab at the site of future crushing facility in Keaau near the BIB plant.

Hawaii Military Biofuels Crop (HMBC) project is underway -- building Hawaii's first commercial seed crushing facility. Located next to Big Island Biodiesel, the 

concrete has been laid and the coverall tent has been installed.  PBT awaits the delivery of the customized crushing equipment!


The new crushing facility will have the capacity to process safflower, sunflower, camelina, soybean and jatropha seeds as well as kukui nuts with the potential to adjust for other feedstock as needed. The facility will also produce seedcake -- the remaining co-product after the oil has been removed. This seedcake will be a valuable resource for local dairy and cattle industries as a feed supplement.

Equipment for the facility is being delivered to PBT's Salem, Oregon fabrication shop to be cleaned, assembled and readied for shipping to Hilo.  Operations at the crushing facility are scheduled to begin this Spring.  


While HMBC activity continues on Oahu, plans for planting in Waimea on the Big Island are in the works. In partnership with Rivertop Solutions LLC and the Waimea Hawaii Homestead, demonstration trials of sunflower, safflower, camelina and soybean will begin in February. These trials will provide valuable information for future large scale plantings.


Article by: HMBC Project Manager, Matt Johnson 

Palmyra Atoll Goes Renewable
Pacific Biodiesel teams with The Nature Conservancy to wean the unique isle off fossil fuels

In 2012, Pacific Biodiesel supplied the Nature Conservancy with 10,000 gallons of fuel to be sent across the Pacific to a little known distant atoll. The research team on Palmyra Atoll, located in the North Pacific, were so pleased with the biodiesel, they requested a second delivery for 2013.

The Nature Conservancy's Palmyra Project strives to "conserve unique biological resources on the atoll; supporting scientific research which will enhance our understanding of coastal and marine environments and guide future management actions while maintaining an efficient research station on this remote atoll," said Palmyra Program Director Laurie Moore.

With environmental consciousness in more than just marine life and ecosystem, the Palmyra research station hopes to wean off fossil fuel in five years. "We began using biodiesel in our generators," Moore stated. "Over the coming year, we will develop an overall strategy for reducing our energy demands and implementing renewable energy solutions, thus lowering our costs and our carbon footprint."

Pacific Biodiesel is excited to contribute to the ongoing environmental goals of the Nature Conservancy's Palmyra Atoll Project. Fuel delivery took place on January 23rd and another 10,000 gallons of Pacific Biodiesel fuel was sent to the atoll.

Click here to learn more about projects taking place on Palmyra atoll.
HFN Loads First Tanker of Distilled Biodiesel
Hilo site is first distributor of premium fuel from BIB


It was a very Merry Christmas for Pacific Biodiesel last year. With it came distilled biodiesel and a shift toward renewable fuel on the Big Island. The week before the holidays began, Hawaii Petroleum loaded the first tanker of fuel produced at Big Island Biodiesel. The fuel was then delivered to the nearby Hawaii Fueling Network station in Shipman Business Park, Keaau. HFN now offers 100 percent biodiesel as well as a 20 percent blend, making it the first commercial fueling station on Hawaii Island to sell biodiesel. 


Hawaii Petroleum recognizes that meeting the energy challenges of today and tomorrow requires a growing range of alternative fuels that deliver cleaner energy. Mark Leong, Vice President and General Manager, was at the plant for the first fueling. "We are proud to be the first to offer biodiesel on the Big Island through our HFN network and bulk deliveries," Leong stated. "Pacific Biodiesel is excited to provide the nation's best quality biodiesel for our customers," said Jenna Long, Fuel Sales Manager at Pacific Biodiesel. "We're thrilled that Hawaii Petroleum is making this renewable, sustainable fuel available across the island."


New Faces at Pacific Biodiesel
Pacific Biodiesel and Big Island Biodiesel presents new and advancing employees

Big Island Biodiesel - Sandra McAuliffe, Administrative Assistant 
  • Originally from Kailua-Lanikai, Hawai'i, BIB's first Administrative Assistant, Sandra McAuliffe has a passion for the island lifestyle. She's excited to be a part of a team that helps the aina (land) stay safe for future generations. Outside of work, Sandra plays tennis, surfs and  loves spending time with her ohana (family).         

Big Island Biodiesel - Jon Self, Plant Operator

  • Big Island Biodiesel's newest plant operator, Jon Self, arrived from Portland Oregon last July to weld a pipe at BIB and never left!  Jon says he is very proud to be a part of the amazing team building the plant. He said he has worked on many construction sites but the crew at BIB is the most talented crew of people he has ever worked with.    

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics - Amber Long, Dispatcher   

  • Pacific Biodiesel is proud to announce the promotion of Amber Long from Logistics Support to Dispatcher. As Dispatcher, Amber will be responsible for routing and collections for all Hawaii pump truck drivers. Amber is looking forward to making collections more efficient and to assisting customers. "I've enjoyed being a part of our growing company for more than a year now and am excited about our future endeavors," she said. "I believe 2013 is going to be a great year for all of Pacific Biodiesel!" 
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Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB id committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
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