Crops Bulletin
June 20, 2014 
Issue 5     

Prepared by

Paul Kassel

Extension Field Agronomist



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Hail Damage, Replanting: Recent hail and flooding has created widespread crop damage and potential replanting. The following are some guidelines on replanting.

  • Late June planted soybean will yield about 60 to 70% of normal.
  • Actual soybean yields may be in the 30 bu/a range.
  • Use a late group I maturity group soybean variety.
  • Corn replanted in late June for silage will yield about 7-9 ton/a of wet silage.

Corn Rootworm: There have been 483/585 soil growing degree days (GDDs) for Kanawha/Sutherland as of 6/17/14. Egg hatch (50%) occurs at 684 to 767 soil GDDs. Saturated soil conditions reduce larval survival.


Growing Degree Days: The following are GDDs for the Northwest Iowa Crop reporting district.

  • 4/22 - 6/18, 708 (-19).
  • 5/5 - 6/18, 639 (+17).

Nitrogen Losses, Management: Recent heavy rainfall will challenge nitrogen management. The following are some details from an article written by John Sawyer.

  • denitrification losses can be 4-5%/day, 60-70 lb/a total (U of IL).
  • 50 lb/a of sidedress N restored yields when denitrification occurred.
  • Nitrate loss via tile drainage ranged from 9 lb/a to 52 lb/a (ISU, ADW site).
  • Consider in-season application of 30 to 50 lb/a of additional nitrogen.

Sutherland Field Day:

The Northwest Iowa Research Farm field day will be held at the farm near Calumet on June 25 at 9:00 a.m. Speakers include Erin Hodgson - crop insects, Kurt Miene - IDOT, Joel DeJong- crop update and Paul Kassel - soybean herbicides. A noon lunch is available. There is a presentation on UAVs after lunch. 


Kanawha Field Day: The Northern Iowa Research Farm field day will be held at the farm near Kanawha on June 26 at 9:00 a.m. Speakers include Micah Smidt, John Sawyer, Mark Hanna, Angie Rieck-Hinz and Paul Kassel. A noon lunch is available.

Prepared by Paul Kassel, Extension Field Agronomist

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