June 2015      
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City of Colorado Springs

Aaron Egbert 719/385-5465
Project Consultant - FHU 
Dan Krueger, 719/314-1800
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Public Meeting - June 18, 2015
City of Colorado Springs
City Engineering/Project Manager
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DATE: Thurs., June 18, 2015

OPEN HOUSE: 4:30-5:30 p.m. 

PRESENTATION: 5:30-7 p.m.

LOCATION: North Middle School

612 E. Yampa Street 

Colorado Springs, 80903


For more information, ADA accommodations or bilingual translation, call and leave a message: 719/488-5908 


The City of Colorado Springs has initiated a multi-modal transportation and drainage infrastructure study to address challenges and opportunities along the Shooks Run Corridor.


Citizens are encouraged to participate in a 16-month collaborative decision-making process resulting in a prioritized plan for future construction of much needed improvements to the existing infrastructure. Please plan to attend and provide your thoughts. Your first-hand knowledge of the corridor and your ideas are very important to us as we work to identify needed improvements and fulfill the vision for this community amenity.


A majority of the infrastructure in the Shooks Run Corridor was constructed from the early 1900's through the 1960's. There are 40 bridges that cross Shooks run (19 road, 5 pedestrian, 2 railroad, 2 school district and 12 golf course bridges). The grid system of streets in the area results in numerous roadways of various functional classifications crossing Shooks Run. Many of these bridges are reaching the end of their service life and some have been classified as "structurally deficient." To be fiscally responsible, the City has initiated this study to develop a sustainable infrastructure replacement strategy addressing the areas of:

  • Condition - deteriorated roadways, bridges, retaining walls and culverts;

  • Capacity - undersized drainage structures resulting in flooding;

  • Safety - Safety concerns for flooding;

  • Maintenance - limited access, limited funding leading to lack of maintenance; and

  • Use - implement the community vision for parks, trails, streets, neighborhood aesthetics and the creek to maximize the benefits for all who use the corridor. 

Bridge Issues
Stormwater Issues
What People Are Saying

"The new population Colorado Springs needs to attract is the millennial workforce. They want the ability to walk and bike to work. We need to leverage our opportunities, not just solve a problem." 
Al Westrand, Regional Business Alliance
"Addressing the problems throughout the Shooks Run Corridor will positively impact property values, contribute to citizen quality of life and promote future development opportunities. If you don't know how poor of shape it is in now, just walk it.  The corridor has the potential to be a linear park with a trail close to the creek that enables users to better interact with the waterway. Other communities, and even other countries, have realized the importance of their water features, maintaining and sustaining them as community assets.  It's past due for us in Colorado Springs to pay more attention to our creeks and streams, enhancing them and preserving them for future generations."
 Chuck Donachy, Patty Jewett Neighborhood Association and local citizen
"The approach and process that Envision Shooks Run is implementing is the model our City should be doing for all its waterways and drainage systems. Holistic and integrated!" Click here for more.
Andrea Barker
Greenway Fund Legacy Loop Project


The Envision Shooks Run study focuses on one of the more important stream corridors in the central part of the City of Colorado Springs. The study area encompasses two boundaries: the Community Planning and Transportation System Area boundary (noted in blue in the map above) and the Infrastructure Planning Boundary (noted in red in the map above). The project area is generally located to the east of Downtown Colorado Springs, between the Patty Jewett Golf Course area to the north, and the Fountain Creek corridor, to the south.  It encompasses the southeastern quadrant of the Legacy Loop trail.