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July 2014
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Citizens and Stakeholders Provide Input
Public Observations from June 3 Open House
What the Project Involves
Gateway Project
Frequently Asked Questions

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Project Schedule 
  • Design/Build contractor teams shortlisted: May 14, 2014
  • Public Open House: June 3, 2014
  • Public Open House (construction details) Spring 2015
  • Construction anticipated to start: Spring 2015
  • Fully operational: July 2017
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Prioritized Project Goals


Project goals were established and approved by the Executive Oversight Committee in November 2013. The goals provide direction to the project team and to the proposing design-build contractor teams to assist them in submitting a "best value" proposal.


Project Goals 

1. Maximize overall safety, capacity and operation of the interchange and the surrounding transportation network within the Project budget;


2. Complete Project construction to be fully operational before July 1, 2017;


3. Minimize impacts and inconvenience to the community, motorists, businesses, downtown and the public during construction; and


4. Achieve an aesthetically pleasing design compatible with current and future amenities and enhancements in and around the interchange.


"The project goals were developed and prioritized by several community organizations in collaboration with the project team and will also be used to help establish the project requirements." -Dave Watt, 

CDOT Region 2 Resident Engineer
Project Partners
  • Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • City of Colorado Springs
  • El Paso County
  • The Community

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The I-25/Cimarron interchange reconstruction project is crucial for the citizens and businesses of the Pikes Peak region and downtown Colorado Springs
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Gateway Project 


The Interstate-25/Cimarron Street Interchange is a key transportation connection within the Pikes Peak region. The lack of gateway routes into downtown Colorado Springs and to the mountain communities to the west results in congestion for regional weekday commuters, and seasonal destination and recreational traffic. This project will enhance the traffic operations, capacity and safety of the I-25 network and US 24 connection by redesigning and rebuilding structures, most of which date back to 1959. This is the second largest highway project in Colorado Springs' history with COSMIX (Colorado Springs Metro Expansion Project: 2005-2008) being the largest. Three design/build contractor teams were shortlisted in May for the I-25/Cimarron Interchange reconstruction project. They are in the process of developing their proposals for submittal to CDOT this fall.



Citizens and Stakeholders Provide Valuable Input


Since fall 2013, stakeholders from throughout the area have been involved in the I-25/Cimarron Interchange project providing ongoing community input to the project team regarding project goals and prioritization, aesthetics, trails/creeks enhancements and maintenance of traffic. CDOT values stakeholder involvement. Community desires and expectations will be communicated to the design/build contractor teams during the Request for Proposal process. These stakeholder committees serve as information conduits, keeping their respective constituents informed about project progress and scheduling while also providing the project team community feedback. Their involvement will continue through the selection of a design/build contractor team and through construction. Stakeholder Involvement Charts


Project specifics and work of the stakeholder committees were presented to the public during an open house June 3 in which citizens had an opportunity to review and comment on the project's basic configuration and aesthetics details.


Those who may have missed the open house may view presentation materials here:

June 3 Public Open House documents and graphics

Public Observations from June 3 Open House


During the open house the public provided several valuable observations. Comments received include:

  • General consensus that the project is long overdue and needs to be completed quickly;
  • Recognition there will be inconvenience during construction; but once complete, it will greatly improve the I-25 interchange operations and safety;
  • Recognition that the project is not going to solve all the problems at the 8th Street/US 24 intersection. The I-25/Cimarron interchange has to be reconstructed before addressing 8th Street (which is not currently funded). The interchange project is an important element in the overall I-25 Corridor plan through Colorado Springs and a major first step in the long-term plan for US 24 Corridor improvements.
  • Concurrence that if closures would expedite construction, they are acceptable but need to be well signed and well communicated, and no closures of the Cimarron Bridge or I-25 ramps during the summer tourism season. Clear signing is especially important for tourists not familiar with the area.
  • Support for relocating the Midland Trail along Fountain Creek under I-25 into America the Beautiful Park. Relocating of the trail along the creek is consistent with the parks master plan and public desire to be integrated with the Fountain Creek system, resulting in a better trail/pedestrian experience.
  • Positive response to structures aesthetics design and to the creek/trail enhancements.

What the Project Involves



Planned improvements include reconstructing I-25 between Colorado Avenue (to the north) and the Nevada Avenue/Tejon Street interchange (to the south), and include a continuous northbound travel lane between the S. Nevada/Tejon interchange and the Cimarron interchange. Project boundaries on US 24 are between 8th Street to the west and the Cimarron Street Bridge over the railroads to the east.  Once construction is complete in 2017, the project will provide:
  • Improved interstate and interchange operations and safety;
  • Improved highway alignment and improved ramps, acceleration/deceleration lanes for increased vehicle storage and safety;
  • New I-25 bridge structures;
  • Improved trail connectivity, enhanced water quality, and aesthetic treatments.
What the Project Does Not InvolveThis project does not include reconstruction of the US 24/8th Street interchange to the west of the project.That project is independent of this construction. No funding source has been identified and no timeline has been established for the US 24/8th Street interchange project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this project address the curves on the interstate north and south of the interchange?

Yes, one of the most significant project benefits is the softening of the curves between Colorado Avenue and Tejon Street to improve the driver's travel experience.

  • How is this project going to address the backups onto the interstate at Nevada/Tejon?

This project is creating a continuous auxiliary lane between the I-25 ramps at S. Nevada Avenue/Tejon Street and the I-25 ramps at Cimarron Street to alleviate traffic backups.

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