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February 2013

A belated Happy New Year from all at Sengenia Ltd and can we take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and prosperous year ahead. Thank you as ever for taking the time to read our newsletter. We're delighted to be able to bring you further news on products and projects that we hope are of interest. If there is any way that we can help you further then please do not hesitate to
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Dr Simon Grattan
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FBGs and heart procedures


Study finds FGB sensors can help make delicate heart procedures safer.

Researchers from the Texas Heart Institute and University of Houston recently published results of their work with FBG sensors in the journal Sensors. The article, 'FBG Sensor for Contact Level Monitoring and Prediction of Perforation in Cardiac Ablation', (webpage) details why surgeons need more information about the condition and position of heart catheters during a procedure. Specifically, an ablation catheter must be pressed against the heart wall with sufficient pressure to complete the procedure, but without so much pressure that the catheter actually pokes through the wall. As you might imagine, perforating the wall is not good news for the patient.


The FBG is specially packaged within the catheter to indicate the pressure on the end. A change in the pressure results in a corresponding shift in the measured Bragg wavelength. A Micron Optics' sm130 optical sensing interrogator (as pictured) was used for these crucial measurements.


Article courtesty of Micron Optics.

sm130 unit 


Micron Optics Weir-Jones case Study


Micron Optics have released a press release and case study on a major oil pipeline monitoring project with Weir-Jones.


Over the past decade, fiber optic sensing (FOS) has become widely accepted and adopted for structural health monitoring (SHM) of bridges, buildings, towers and other large structures. More recently, the oil and gas industries have turned to fiber optic sensing for a variety of applications, including pipeline integrity monitoring, intrusion, and leak detection.


This example saw the use of the si225 rack mount interrogator, as shown below, situated 1km away from the pipeline.



To read more, you can find Micron's press release and case study here: Press Release, Case Study

Price reduction reminder


Don't forget that Micron Optics have introduced significant savings on the price of not only temperature compensation sensors but also the dynamic interrogators. With certain sensors' prices slashed by over 60% and the dynamic interrogators by up to 50% there's never been a more affordable time to be using the highest quality in sensing equipment.


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