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Product Update - Two new products made available from Micron Optics Inc.

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Micron Optics os5100
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Greetings from Sengenia,  


Welcome to the latest edition of the Sengenia newsletter and thank you for taking the time to read it. In this newsletter we cover a new fibre optic based displacement sensor as well as a new sensor interrogation unit from Micron Optics. We hope it is of benefit to you and of interest, please don't hesistate to contact us if there is anything further we can provide for you.


Micron Optics launch os5100 displacement sensor


Micron Optics New Optical Displacement Sensor Offers Unique Measurement Capabilities


This fibre optic displacement gage addresses the need for long term monitoring of relative displacement up to 50mm between two anchor points. Like all Micron Optics optical sensors, the os5100 displacement gage is immune to electromagnetic noise environments and offers reliable performance even under harsh environmental conditions. Not only can the optical displacement gage outperform traditional vibrating wire gages in these extreme environments, the all-optical design also ensures long life. The rugged design and flexible mounting fixture allows for versatile installation of the gage in a variety of applications such as continuous monitoring of construction joints in buildings, fissure growth in concrete or other structural members, as well as long-term measurement across key expansion joints in bridges, buildings, and tunnels.



MOI displacement sensor


The os5100 displacement gage can be used as a single sensing point or added in series with other FBG based sensors on the same optical fiber. The combination of displacement, strain, temperature, and acceleration measurements on a single fiber is another unmatched advantage of FBG sensing technology. Real-time monitoring performed by optical sensing systems has emerged as a proven, reliable, and potentially life-saving technology. With the addition of Micron Optics' os5100 displacement gage, a system can provide even more essential information to accurately monitor structural health.



For the full specification please click on this link and download the PDF.


New Ultra-High Speed Module


Micron Optics, Inc. has launched the sm690, a new ultra-high speed, high resolution data acquisition module capable of simultaneously measuring up to four Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBGs) at a 2MHz sampling frequency, a rate which is currently unparalleled in the optical sensing industry. High speed optical sensor and mechanical vibration measurements can be utilised in applications such as ballistics testing, blast analysis, acoustic emissions monitoring, and other vibration mode analysis applications. Another key feature of the sm690, shared with all optical sensing technology, is its ability to acquire reliable data in high electromagnetic environments without failure.


 MOI sm690


The sm690 is engineered with a design featuring an all-new data acquisition architecture and high performance optical wavelength discriminatory components. This advancement allows for the best combination of resolution and speed with a scan rate 20 times faster than its predecessor. Also, those familiar with National Instruments will be interested to learn the sm690 module is fully compliant with the IEEE standard PXIe platform and can be easily integrated with LabVIEW™.


Thank you for taking the time and interest to review our newsletter and we would be delighted to offer any advice or help on your next sensing project .

Dr Simon Grattan
Managing Director 
Sengenia Limited