Announcing an exciting new service on Sundays at 1632 Pine Street starting in June! IV nutrient therapy can be used both proactively to maintain optimal health and beauty, and to treat acute and chronic conditions such as exhaustion, dehydration, jet lag, hangovers, cold and flu, and more. Our team of board certified Anaesthesiologists and trained medical professionals administer a customized mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids via IV drip for maximum absorption. This procedure takes about 30 minutes, is safe, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated! 

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Angela Luciani, R.D. 

May is stroke prevention/awareness month. Each year, about 800,000 people suffer from a stroke. Anyone can have a stroke, including children. Having a stroke can be scary for many people because it is often an unpredictable event; however, up to 80% of strokes are preventable. There are some factors that increase your risk for a stroke that you cannot control such as age, gender, race as well as family/personal medical history but there are some steps you can take to modify your lifestyle in order to help reduce your risk, including diet and exercise. 

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Is My Eating Disordered? 
Robin Hornstein, PH.D.

These days, the culture of beauty and perfection is understood even when we are young girls watching the world around us. Most women also have been on some diet by the time they are 25 and have their own diets in their heads (cheat days, no carbs if you eat cake at a party, Paleo, Weight Watchers points, healthy eating, juice cleanses, calorie counting). The list is long and the demand on our psyches is high. I would argue that if more than 10% of your day is spent worrying about what you will or won't eat and you are upset with yourself for losing the battle of these rules, you may have disordered eating or thinking about food.  

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Let's All Catch Up on Vitamin D
Maria Mazzotti, D.O.
With the increased daylight, now is the time to try and increase your vitamin D production and intake.  Decreased vitamin D deficiency include decreased synthesis, decreased nutritional intake, maternal vitamin D deficiency, prematurity, exclusive breast feeding and obesity due to the increased sequestration of vitamin D in fat , malabsorption and medication interference with absorption. Common foods that contain vitamin D are fatty fish, canned tuna fish, egg yolks, fortified cereals, beef liver, cod liver oil and calcium rich foods because your body needs calcium to absorb vitamin D. 

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Skincare for 360-degree Health
Our Dermacenter Medical Spa assists our patients on their journey of long-lasting skin health, by treating skin issues and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin throughout all stages of life.
Every month we highlight different services and procedures to provide our patients access to skincare as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Click Here for more information on these monthly specials.


Safely achieve permanent and effective reduction of most hair colors on all skin types. This no down-time virtually painless procedure can effectively reduce unwanted hairs on all body parts.


(Reg. $550.00)

This treatment is a combination of a Light Chemical Peel with a type of "skin blading" that can help treat a variety of skin conditions.  The blading of the skin will help cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish the outer most layer of the skin. The skin will be left with a soft, smooth and supple appearance.


Eliminate cellulite and visibly smooth the body. Introducing VelaShape III eliminates cellulite and improves your overall figure. This procedure uses a combination of BiPolar Radiofrequency, Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum and Mechanical massage to visibly smooth the look and feel of your body with no down time.

The Running Center - Save 10% - 20% on packages from the Fit to Perform™ program.

Single services and custom packages are also available. 10% off Bronze Package, 15% off Silver Package, and 20% off Gold Package. 
Fit to Perform™ is a unique, three-part coaching program that supports the lifestyle of today's woman. Your performance in fitness, health and business/career are closely tied together and Fit to Perform has been created so that you can achieve a balanced life. Fit to Perform is the property of The Running Center LLC.

Rhythm Babies 10% off eight class package

Rhythm Babies LLC is a traveling company providing early childhood music classes in neighborhoods across Philadelphia. Our classes focus on a music readiness program with grown up and baby. This program hones skills such as rhythm, melody, and beat. Our music classes are not only an educational bonding experience for caregiver and child, but also a fun social activity that helps grown-ups connect with other families. In 2015, Rhythm Babies was named "Best Music Program" by Philadelphia Family Magazine. 

Closures and Hour Changes
  • Saturday, May 28th and Monday, May 30th the office will be CLOSED for Memorial Day
  • Starting May 13th, the office will close at 4pm on Fridays throughout the summer.  
  • Tuesday, November 8th, the office will be open late for Election Day. The office will be open 10am - 8pm.

Patient Portal Update

You can now view statements and pay bills on the patient portal by clicking "Latest Statement."

Farewell Eterial Burrell, NP

Unfortunately, Eterial Burrell had to return to her home state for family reasons and is no longer practicing with RWWC. She is sorry to leave Philadelphia and all of her wonderful patients.
We wish her the best!

We know so much about our patients and we love to see familiar faces (although preferably for well-visits), but do you ever wonder about who is helping you book your follow-ups or draw your blood? If you do want to know more about our team, we are introducing a new 'Meet the staff' section! We hope that getting a little more familiar with the people you see in our office will make you more comfortable and confident with the care you receive through us.

Oumou Bah, Medical Assistant, 23 years old

1) What does 'wellness' mean to you?
The overall being of oneself, whether it is mental, physical, or spiritual.

2) How do you feel about healthcare in the U.S. and your role within the system?
I wish there was more that could be done for patients to be taken care of, and not a limit based off of their insurance.

3) What health advice do you promote to your family?
I am currently a health coach for Herbalife, so I highly influence my family members to live a healthier active lifestyle, even if it's not with the products, but simple things like drinking more water, having a healthy breakfast, and increasing their protein intake throughout their day.

4) Are there any lifestyle changes that have positively or negatively affected your health?
Diabetes runs extremely high in my family, so at 13 years of age I decided to take this into consideration and decreased my sugar intake; I've stopped drinking soda and started drinking more water.

5) What activities do you participate in? What do you you do to help you feel healthy?
I currently work part time as a health coach for Herbalife which allows me to promote a healthier active lifestyle to others and follow an easy routine into starting their health journey. I started making my own foods from home. I follow a daily nutrition plan to help me not only stay healthy, but help me reach my goals.

6) What advice do you have for patients seeking to optimize their health?
There's never really a perfect time to start your health journey, it just has to be a decision that's made on your own. Of course it won't be an easy process to transition your diet over to new foods that you are not used to eating, but it is so worth it! These changes not only positively affect your body, but your mind and spirit as well! 

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