The Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center 

Comprehensive Care Exclusively for Women 

February 2015

Issue #50

In This Issue:

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We Want to Hear from You!

The Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center opened our doors June 2008 with just one physician, a part time registered dietitian, psychologist, and aesthetician.  We had a core belief that women wanted a place where they would be cared for by women. We have grown to:

  • Over 15,000 patients
  • 8 primary care physicians
  • 1 Gynecologist
  • 1 Nurse Practitioner
  • 2 Registered Dietitians
  • 6 Psychologists
  • 3 Aestheticians

 In addition, we are adding: 
  • Rheumatology
  • Cardiology


We would like to hear from you, our patients, on what The Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center means to you as we want to continue to evolve as a place where women know they can be cared for by women healthcare professionals.  Please submit your responses to our Director, Amanda Owens: [email protected].


 Urgent Medical Requests

  • The patient portal is for non-urgent medical issues or requests.
  • For urgent requests such as fever or abdominal pain or other signs of serious illness please call the office instead of sending a message on the portal.  For life threateneing medical emergencies call 911

Staying Motivated Through 

the Winter Months


The days are cold, the skies are gray, and the motivation to eat healthy and exercise is harder and harder to find.  Staying on track during the winter months is always a challenge, but one that you can conquer if you create a healthy plan and stick to it.  Here are some tips for healthy eating and exercise to help you stay on track during the seemingly endless winter season.


Healthy Eating

  • Think Ahead:  Before starting another hectic week, take a few minutes to plan ahead for the meals and snacks you are going to eat that week.  Create a shopping list, and hit the grocery store to stock up on everything you will need.  
  • Cook Ahead:  Now that you have all of the healthy ingredients, make as much food as you can while you have some extra time to ease the stress of weeknight cooking.  


  • Try Something New:  Find a new class to try, jump on a new machine at the gym, or maybe hop in the pool to help spice up your workouts.  Just when you are getting bored with your current routine, find something new to get you motivated once again
  • Ditch The Excuses:  Don't let the never-ending list of excuses get in your way.  Ignore that little voice in your head that is always making up reasons not to workout.
To read more about staying motivated and for a special recipe from Audrey, click here.
Get Moving...In the Workplace!


In today's day and age most of us hold a position within a company where we are mostly sedentary the entire day and sit in front of a computer screen. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average American typically works more than 40 hours per week. Let's think about that: most of us are sitting for 8-9 hours per day without much movement! In order to break this vicious cycle of the sedentary work life, here are some daily exercises that can be done in the office to get moving!


1.     Morning Commute: Each morning we usually take public transportation or drive into the office. In order to burn some early morning calories, park a few blocks away from the office so that you can get in a quick walk. Bike to work if you are in biking distance and if you take public transportation, get off at an earlier stop than usual and walk the remainder of the commute.


2.     Glute Seat Squeeze: While sitting at your desk, you are able to get in a silent glute workout in without anyone even noticing! To start, simply squeeze the buttock, hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat 3-4 times. This one is a lot harder than expected!


Get Moving!

Membership Updates



Our membership program includes exclusive discounts with our growing list of partners. This month we have added...



Conveniently located in Rittenhouse Square, Monica Virga Cosmetics offers the best makeup and hairstyling services in the city whether it be for weddings or a night out on the town. Monica Virga has worked with some of the most famous fashion designers from across the world including Armani as well as Dolce and Gabbana (to name a few). Monica uses only the best quality makeup that she developed personally in Milan, Italy. 

She is recognized for her professionalism and talent and has been requested by top celebrities and stars for her ability to make them shine brighter. 
[Learn More]


Receive 10% off any in-store purchase OR one FREE* makeup session at the studio. 


AnaOno Intimates, lingerie inspired for and by breast cancer survivors. 


AnaOno offers quality intimates unlike anything you will find in the market today. They offer unique fit & comfort to make sure you feel your very best. Their line of bras fit women of many circumstances: from lumpectomies to flap surgeries, mastectomies with and without reconstruction. [Learn More]


Receive 10% off entire online order** 



New Member Benefit To Be Added: 


Look for our priority appointments to be available regardless of the problem or service for Primary Care, Gynecology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Psychology, Nutrition, Fitness and Skin Care.



*Free makeup session must be during regular business hours of 11am-6pm. 

**Members interested in ordering from AnaOno must call the office to receive the member discount code. 

February Specials at DermaCenter!

Attention Members!

Your Guide on Accessing the Portal

Q: What is the best way to contact a doctor directly? 

A: In order to contact a doctor directly, please use your patient portal. The doctor will respond within 1 business day of your submission. Please be sure the request is non-urgent.


Q: How do I access my portal?

A: Please go to and click on "my wellness sign in" located in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will bring you to the portal log in page where you will need to enter your username and password that was sent to your email. 


Q: What happens if I do not have my log in information?

A: Please email [email protected] and request this information directly. You will then receive an automated email with your username and password. 


Q: Once I log in, what can I do?

A: Once you log in to your patient portal account, you will be able to see any upcoming or past appointments you may have had - this will be displayed on your homepage. You can also view any previous blood work results, schedule your annual physical or GYN, request refills, referrals and ask your doctor any private questions that you may have. You can access these options on the left hand side of your screen.


To request your new  patient portal log in and password, please email [email protected].  


Request Your Portal Information Today!


Our patient portal allows patients to be able to view your labs, print your radiology prescriptions, reference your visit summary, schedule routine appointments, request prescription refills, request referrals and more.



To request your new patient portal login and password, please email [email protected].  


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The Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center provides primary care including routine gynecology, medical & aesthetic skin care, nutrition, fitness and emotional well-being exclusively for women. Our goal is to provide our patients with an integrated approach to health and well-being.