Cyber Liability Insurance - How can it protect YOUR business?

August 19, 2014
10:00 - 11:00 am


Our Presenter 

 Irv Cohen   
Senior Risk Consultant
Risk Management Director
Bearence Management Group
2010 Centre Pointe Blvd
Mendoa Heights, MN 55120

Phone:  (651) 379-7840

Join us for this Intellectual Capital Webinar featuring Irv Cohen of Beaerence Management Group.  Irv will introduce you to the growing threat of cyber attacks and how you can insure against this threat.  

Each attendee will gain an understanding of:
    • What is cyber liability
    • Why the insurance is important to businesses
    • What does a policy cover
    • Typical claim examples
    • How the products are priced
You should attend this webinar if:
    • Your business does business via the web
    • You keep personal data on clients including financial or medical
    • You worry about an attack from a "hacker"
    • Your employees are not perfect and can make an honest mistake
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About the Intellectual Capital Series

Intellectual Capital Webinars are packed with resources, tips, and insights relevant to our current times.  We will show what factors to take into account and how to calculate the financial impact of your decisions before you act.  You will be ready to explore your next steps and achieve your goals with confidence.

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