IC Webinar
Top 8 Ways to Get Sued by Your Employees, and How to Avoid Them

April 22, 2014
10:00 - 11:00 am


Our Presenter 

 Andy Tanick    

225 South 6th Street, #3150

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: 612-486-1623


Today, organizations must operate in a highly regulated, litigious business climate.  However, employers are able to minimize the legal risks involved in making employment decisions without compromising critical business needs.


Andy Tanick is the Managing Partner of the Minneapolis Office of Ford & Harrison LLP, a national law firm that exclusively practices in the area of labor/employment law, representing businesses.  

What you will learn from this Webinar:
  • What are the hottest legal issues that employees and former employees are suing employers for?
  • How are federal and state agencies, under President Obama and Governor Dayton, going after employers?
  • What can an employer do to minimize its chances of facing employment claims?
Who should attend this Webinar:
  • Small Business Owners
  • Small Business Executives
  • Human Resources Professionals
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