July 22, 2016
The Bloom Group helps B2B and professional services firms gain recognition for their problem-solving expertise across a wide range of industries. We help our clients develop effective thought leadership strategies, create exceptional content, get published in top-tier journals, write books, and present at prestigious conferences. Our clients turn their expertise into recognition and revenue.

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Blog Posts

The demise of long-form content has been heralded for years. Perhaps you question whether people have time to read it. But for any B2B company, the data says that long-form content is as important as ever, and in fact, more effective, for the desired audience. How does long-form content help your firm accomplish important goals? Bloom Group's Tim Parker explains several advantages.

When you have a great idea but need help, who you gonna call? Ghost writers! Ghost writers can help professional services firms and other B2B companies get their experts' thought leadership published on their own websites or in prestigious journals such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Our seven best practices ensure ghost writing success, David Rosenbaum explains.

The field of marketing seems to change by the week, with new technologies continually coming to market and giving marketers new ways to reach audiences and gauge the impact. Marketing of thought leadership content is no exception. Now heavily used channels such as social media largely didn't exist 15 years ago. However, three aspects of thought leadership will never go out of fashion, as Bob Buday writes.