June 6, 2016
The Bloom Group helps B2B and professional services firms gain recognition for their problem-solving expertise across a wide range of industries. We help our clients develop effective thought leadership strategies, create exceptional content, get published in top-tier journals, write books, and present at prestigious conferences. Our clients turn their expertise into recognition and revenue.

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Blog Posts

Thought leadership marketing won't deliver a miracle cure for a B2B company's dry sales pipeline. Like miracle diets, miracle cures rarely work. However, when firms develop stellar content and market it wisely, thought leadership can become a strong sales asset -- one that competitors will struggle to match. Bloom Group's Bob Buday explains. 

Angela Duckworth became the guru of grit after publishing a scientific article, "Grit: Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals." She won a MacArthur genius grant, did a TED talk, and won a seven-figure book deal. What can thought leaders learn from her tale? Explore the surprise twist, and lessons, with Bloom Group's David Rosenbaum.

In the movie "A Few Good Men," Jack Nicholson famously told Tom Cruise that he couldn't handle the truth. But the executives you wish to reach can. That's why glossing over difficult truths in thought leadership articles and white papers, calling disasters "challenges," and failures "headwinds," will cause those executives to dismiss you. Bloom Group's David Rosenbaum explains why the truth is the only way to reach the leaders you want.