February 1st, 2016
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Both content marketing and thought leadership marketing have grown massively in popularity in recent years. But confusion about how to distinguish one from the other sometimes makes it difficult to decide how and where to apply each. Bloom Group partner Tim Parker explains the differences and similarities.

It's important clients understand what we mean when we say "content marketing." And if you manage or shape content, your colleagues need to understand too. Some companies are packing unrealistic expectations for their trip to content bliss. Marketing matters greatly, but so do content planning and development.


Three-quarters of companies that engage in content marketing do so without a plan -- not knowing exactly what content they should create, for whom, or how to deliver it. But for thought leadership marketing to be effective, marketers must know how they will address three looming problems before they start. Otherwise, top management won't stay the course and all the hard work will not pay off.