December 30th, 2015

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Self-publishing is easy, and it tells visitors to your website what you do. Nothing wrong with that. But, according to a new AMCF study, your website is not where customers look for thought leadership. They go to, WSJ, Forbes and other business journals, often those that specialize in their particular field. So if you want to build your business, that's where you need to publish.

Writing well is not easy, but writing better in 2016 won't be that hard if you follow these simple rules: avoid adjectives and adverbs; use simple declarative sentences; vary the lengths of those sentences, and, when you've finished, read your article aloud to yourself (or some poor victim). These rules work if you work them. So work them. 

In-Depth Thought Leadership Study Now Available

Get fresh data on thought leadership marketing from a new study by Association of Management Consulting Firms, The Bloom Group, and Rattleback.  Hear feedback from consulting customers, examine what's working for leading firms, explore website design choices, and more. Read the full report on the AMCF website and added advice about the findings on ours. 



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