Nov. 10, 2015

The Bloom Group helps B2B and professional services firms win recognition as experts on how to solve marketplace issues across a wide range of industries. We help clients develop effective TL strategies, create exceptional content, get published in top-tier journals, and present at prestigious conferences. Our clients turn their expertise into recognition and revenue.


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What separates winners from losers in the race among consulting firms to establish thought leadership? A survey by The AMCF, The Bloom Group, and Rattleback has answers. The leaders, firms getting the most ROI in terms of leads for new business, share several habits. Do you follow similar tactics, or can you learn some new tricks?

With the increase in thought leadership content production we're now seeing, the demand for writing talent is rising too. But the reality is that thought leadership content developers need to be much more than polished writers. They need to play roles including coach, servant, and partner in order to create compelling thought leadership content for your firm.
The Seven Hallmarks of Compelling Intellectual Capital

Following the footsteps of professional services firms, companies in many other sectors have recognized the power of seminal ideas that create order out of chaos, and are flooding the marketplace with their insights. This article explains how to make sure that those insights are good enough to capture the attention of prospects.