Sept. 30, 2015

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Perhaps you have run across over-eager personal branders in your social networks, broadcasting work successes and humble bragging, one too many times. In a quest to establish an authoritative identity, they annoy rather than impress. How can you build your personal brand in an authentic way, without sounding like a narcissist? 

"They deployed analytics to maximize processes. Revenue went up 20%. Analytics is changing their business model." That's not thought leadership. If you want to establish analytics credibility, stop cribbing from the Hogwarts syllabus. Start explaining analytics in terms business people can understand.
Pulling Ahead in the Thought Leadership Arms Race
Since 2006, we have published in-depth research on best practices in thought leadership marketing. Join us as we present the results of our latest study, conducted with our research partner the Association of Management Consulting Firms, at an October 15 seminar in San Francisco. The seminar will present research on: Creating a sound thought leadership strategy; Developing exceptional content and the optimal marketing mix; and Displaying thought leadership content powerfully on consulting websites. You can register here