June 23, 2015

The Bloom Group helps B2B and professional services firms win recognition as experts on how to solve marketplace issues across a wide range of industries. We help clients develop effective TL strategies, create exceptional content, get published in top-tier journals, and present at prestigious conferences. Our clients turn their expertise into recognition and revenue.


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Blog Posts

Your company may have great ideas. But unless you develop and market the ideas wisely, you won't command a large audience willing to listen. Diffused light intrigues people, but diffused ideas do not.

Authors are feted and respected; people ask for their autographs. But if you're to endure the grind of writing a book, you'll need more to motivate you than your ego. 

If surveys answer tough questions your clients are pondering, they create interest, credibility and leads for your company. However, many survey reports fail to gain traction in the marketplace. Consider this advice to make sure your next survey project will be a hit.