May 2015
In this edition, we share some fresh wisdom on crafting and placing thought leadership articles. David Rosenbaum examines what some people would like to forget about thought leadership: It requires hard work and intellectual rigor. Also, Laurianne McLaughlin takes you inside an editor's world to learn what editors hate -- and love -- in contributed articles and pitches. Follow our advice to build successful relationships with editors and publications.
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To paraphrase our favorite 900-year-old Jedi Master, the esteemed Yoda, you are a thought leader or you are not. There is no attempting. 


The harsh reality is that many contributed articles go right to the editor's trashcan. How can you avoid rejection? Follow these 10 core strategies.  

Most-Read Articles
Push-Me-Pull-You: How To Turn Intellectual Property Into Intellectual Capital

The intellectual capital marketers and sales sides of the house need each other today far more than they realize. With just about every professional services firm trying to become a "thought leader," competition for client share of mind has escalated. As a result, professional firms need a "push-me-pull-you" strategy that uses compelling ideas to attract prospects in droves and systematically converts them into clients. The Bloom Group's Bob Buday explains in depth, here.

Bridging The Divide In Washington: Take A Cue From Big Food

In his latest guest column, 

Hudson Institute consultant Hank Cardello explains what Washington could learn from the food industry on how to work with anti-industry activitists. The food industry and many of its critics have found common ground in the fight against obesity and for healthier food. We helped Cardello with this piece, as well as with his 15 previous articles. You can read the full article here.

Winning The Thought Leadership Arms Race

How do you produce consistently outstanding content and bring widespread attention to it? Those two questions are on every thought leadership marketer's mind. Next month, we'll present the results of our latest study on best practices in thought leadership at consulting firms. You can also learn from marketers at Tata Consultancy Services, FTI Consulting, Accenture and others. Click here to register for this Association of Management Consulting Firms seminar on June 16 in New York City.


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