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Notable News Header
Gender Equality In America

Senate Republicans Block Bill on Equal Pay

Matthew Yglesias: The skeptics are wrong - the gender pay gap is very very real

Irin Carmon: Why the GOP is wrong about the pay gap

The White House is closing the gender pay gap, so why can't the rest of us?

Women From Koch-Funded Conservative Groups Lambaste Equal Pay Measure

Irin Carmon: The real losers of the equal pay debate

FiveThirtyEight: Gender Pay Gap Tracks With Number of Women in State Legislatures
Debating The Issues

Paul Waldman: No, religious voters don't hold total sway over GOP presidential primaries

Ed Kilgore: Holier Than Whom? The Religious Right Has More Power In The GOP Than You Think

Jonathan Bernstein: On Religion & Nominees, Watch Party Agendas Not Candidates

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Race, Culture, and Poverty: The Path Forward

Jamelle Bouie: Jonathan Chait, race, and Obama's presidency - What about the experience of black Americans?

Jonathan Chait: Obama, Racism, and the Presumption of Innocence
Another Republican Circus

Republicans on key House committee ask for former IRS official to be prosecuted

Right Wing Media Noise Machine Explodes Over IRS Doing Its Job

Ed Kilgore: House Repubs Really Reaching on IRS "Bias" Claims

Dana Milbank: Perpetual IRS hearings just another GOP circus
Health Care Checkup

Nobody Blames Doctors for High Medical Costs. As HHS Releases Data on Reimbursements, That's About to Change

Kevin Drum: Some Stunning and Unexpected Good News About Obamacare

Ezra Klein: The best evidence we have that Obamacare is working

Sally Kohn: New Poll Shows Voters in Red States Want to Expand Medicaid

FiveThirtyEight: Low-Income Adults in States Without Expanded Medicaid Have More Health Problems

Jonathan Cohn: House GOP: We'll Have That Obamacare Alternative Soon! Really! (No They Won't)
Race & America

Pew Research: The Civil Rights Act at 50 - Racial divides persist on how much progress has been made

Jamelle Bouie: Demographics, conservatism, and racial polarization: Could America become Mississippi?
Orientation & Equality

Derrick Gordon, UMass basketball player, becomes first openly gay NCAA Division I player

Utah same-sex marriage battle escalates; May force Supreme Court decision on constitutionality
Energy, Climate & Environment

Being Prepared: How to Think Like the Dutch in a Post-Sandy World

GOP Senator Threatens To Block Nominee For Top Climate Post Because She Accepts Climate Science
Nations In Turmoil

Car blasts kill dozens in Syria's Homs region

UN votes to send 11,800-strong peacekeeping force to Central African Republic
International News

Politicians in Ukraine maneuver for a deal to end standoff with Russia

U.S. and Russia take high road - in space

Millions of Indians vote on key election day
National Politics

Poll: Republican Govs Already Trail Democratic Challengers In 5 Races

Suffolk Poll: Iowa Polling Shows Hillary Clinton Strong & GOP Field Scattered in Advance of Caucuses

Iowa survey in 4 races shows Braley, Branstad, Clinton, and Huckabee leading

Paul Waldman: Why Hillary Clinton's 2016 Gender Problem Will Not Be Like Obama's Race Problem
Midwest Roundup

Four Republicans face off in final Nebraska GOP US Senate debate

Nebraska lawmakers loosen state's truancy law

Iowa Supreme Court to decide if drunking driving keeps candidate off ballot
Daily Commentary Header
No Debate - On Gender Equality, The Right Is Wrong
While there are plenty of unsavory things about the internet these days - including the growing security issues online - it can also be a fantastic place for serious, substantive debate, among intelligent, thoughtful, and diverse groups of people.

For example, Paul Waldman, Ed Kilgore, and Jonathan Bernstein all had an excellent debate yesterday about whether - and how much - power right-wing "christian" voters have over Republican Party nominees. There has also been a very heated debate recently about race and politics in the age of Barack Obama, between Jonathan Chait and Ta-Nehisi Coates, with some great additions from writers like Jamelle Bouie. Our favorite round-up of that latter debate came Wednesday from writer Goldie Taylor on her Twitter feed.

One of the best features of being able to observe and occasionally participate in these kinds of debates among media professionals is that sometimes one individual will catch a simple problem with the main debate on the topic of the day that the rest of the legitimate media seems to have missed.

This week, the topic of gender pay equity has been dominating much of the media, thanks to two major events: The Executive Actions President Obama signed earlier this week, and the Paycheck Fairness Act bill that Republicans filibustered to death in the Senate yesterday morning. Asking the question of why, in 2014, there's still such pay inequality is a valid and legitimate question to ask - even if the only answer sometimes is because misogynist men can still sometimes abuse the women who work for them..
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April 10, 2014
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Jobs & The Economy

Great News: U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 300,000

Jobless claims at seven-year low; import prices above forecasts

Vox Media: Companies are doing job interviews all wrong - and have been for years
Wall Street Watch

Bank of America to pay nearly $800M for deceptive credit card practices

Fed's hard line on funding to bring more pain to Wall Street

Felix Salmon: Yes, the SEC was colluding with banks on Wall St. prosecutions
The Least They Could Do

Maryland Lawmakers Approve Minimum Wage Increase

Minimum Wage Hike Passes Key Committee In Hawaii

Minnesota Minimum Wage Increase Nears Approval

Republican Resistance To Jobless Aid Starts To Crack
Economic Inequality

In New Approach, International Monetary Fund Now Aiming At Income Inequality

What we know about how poor neighborhoods become wealthier
Violence In America

24-Injured In Mass Stabbing At Franklin Regional High School Near Pittsburgh, PA

Michael Daly: Thank God the Murrysville School Attacker Wasn't Using Guns
The Fight To Vote

Former Pres. Clinton: Voter ID Laws Threaten Civil Rights Progress

Wisconsin Survey Finds Majority Don't Think Voter Fraud Is A Problem
The Spying Game

New, Updated Profiling Rules Said to Give FBI Worrisome Tactical Leeway

FBI Report Says Russia Didn't Share Details on Boston Bombing Suspect
Media Matters

Senate Panel Expresses Serious Caution on Merger of Cable Giants

'Crossfire' May Return As CNN Starts To Finally Pull Back On Missing Plane Coverage

Joan Walsh: Why Stephen Colbert is dangerous - and invaluable
Communications Breakdown

Heartbleed bug puts the nature of the Internet under the magnifying glass

Users' Stark Reminder: As Web Grows, It Grows Less Secure

NBC union-busting charges could get appealed to SCOTUS; Union leader doesn't expect MSNBC hosts will help
Your Cap News Toon
April 10, 2014
Weekly CapNewsToon for 04102014
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White House Update

George H.W. Bush, In Wheelchair, Greets Obama in Houston

Pres. Obama to honor Lyndon Johnson and the Civil Rights Act in address today
News From Capitol Hill

Senate Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act For Third Time

Bipartisan House Coalition Defeats Bipartisan Fix Proposal For 'Obamacare'
On The Left

At Oregon event, Hillary Clinton knocks Supreme Court's campaign finance decisions

EJ Dionne: On the Civil Rights Act's 50th anniversary, follow LBJ's way

Charles Blow: We Should Be in a Rage About Our Govt. We're Not.
On The Right

Independent Sen. Angus King suggests he may caucus with GOP if it retakes Senate

Gov. Chris Christie & Company's Pyrrhic Victory In Court

Ryan Cooper: How conservatives are destroying capitalism
On The Far Right

House Extremist Conservatives Plot to Oust Boehner, Put Scare Into Cantor

Inside the tea party quest to bring down Mitch McConnell

Iowa GOP/Tea Party Senate Candidate Says He Will 'Use His Glock To Blow Your Balls Off'

J. Bernstein: Will Republicans Fumble the Senate Races Again This Year?
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