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Monday, April 14, 2014   
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Daily Commentary HeaderBy The Skin Of Our Teeth
As we watched the news this weekend, spending time with our families, college sports, the beautiful cherry blossoms in our nation's capitol, and watching the Republicans launch their first super-committee to rake in the post-McCutcheon waves of campaign money that are certain to be rolling in, our staff members all kept coming back to the same thought: That most Americans today seem to have little idea of how tenuous our collective grasp is on the form of government we've lived under for slightly more than two centuries.

As Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying, Americans have a republic - a form of democracy - "if you can keep it." Thankfully, for most of the last two-hundred plus years, Americans have been able to keep it. As we and others have been warning for some time now, however, that form of government is in severe danger - especially after the U.S. Supreme Court's recent McCutcheon decision.

Last week, as all the living Presidents celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, President Obama also took the time to warn the nation that our right to vote is truly under attack - and he was not being hyperbolic.

From Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Florida, the battles over campaign financing are running hot, and often not in the best interests of voters. Even in the heart of deep-red Nebraska, the effort of outside, so-called "dark money" groups to buy their way into deciding who you get to vote for has become extremely obvious.

While certain very wealthy candidates like Republican Pete Ricketts may try to claim ignorance of who is attacking his fellow Republican office-seekers, the fact remains right now the anonymous attack dogs of the wealthy are already trying to pick their pet politicians for 2014 and 2016...
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April 14, 2014
Daily Felltoon Preview for 04142014
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Jobs & The Economy  

U.S. retail sales post biggest gain in one-and-a-half years

RealtyTrac: U.S. foreclosures fall to lowest quarterly level since mid-2007

U.S. consumer sentiment hits nine-month high in April

Finance Officials Push U.S. for Bold Action to Sustain Economic Growth
Wall Street Watch   

SEC begins nixeing high-frequency trading platforms

Paul Krugman: Three Expensive Milliseconds
World Economy

High-Frequency Traders Get Curbs as EU Reins In Flash Boys

Chinese Finance Official: Please Excuse Us While We Renovate Our Economy
Tax Day 2014  

Federal taxes now near historic lows, as shown in one chart

Ezra Klein: Where your tax dollars go, in one chart
Economic Inequality

Are Americans Experiencing Economic Recovery? Sure - But Who?

BLS Confirms - Incomes for th Rich Have Recovered, Not for Anyone Else
The Spying Game  

NSA Said to Have Exploited Heartbleed Bug for Intelligence for Years

U.S. government says hackers now trying to exploit 'Heartbleed' bug

Henry Farrell: The NSA may have exploited Heartbleed. That's a very, very big deal.
Race & America

Head of the DCCC, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) says GOP base 'animated by racism'

Michael Tomasky: You're in Denial if You Think Democrat Steve Israel Is Wrong About GOP Racism

The GOP Says 'Racism Is Over.' Most Americans Say 'No Way.'
Energy, Climate & Environment   

U.N. Climate Panel Warns Speedier Action Is Needed

Ohio geologists link local earthquakes directly to fracking
Here It Is!
Your HuskerNutz Preview for
April 14, 2014
Daily Felltoon Preview for 04142014
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National Politics  

Armed Right-Wing Militia Members Descend On Nevada To Help Rancher Defy Court Order

Bureau Of Land Management Backs Down In Standoff With Cattle Rancher For Safety Of All Involved
On The Left   

Charles Blow: The Great And Horrible American Self-Sort

Brian Beutler: The death of Charlene Dill - How liberals need to be talking about the Medicaid expansion

Julian Zilizer: Hey Democrats - This year, why don't you show some spine on taxes?
On The Right   

Cruz, Paul & Huckabee face off at Koch Brothers-funded New Hampshire "Freedom" Summit

Amid Charges of Hypocrisy, Louisiana Republican Lawmaker Faces Calls to Step Down

Jennifer Rubin: The GOP is saying 'goodbye' to the tea party, even if the tea party doesn't know it yet
States Of Confusion   

Detroit bankruptcy bond deal frees up $56M for pensioners; Judge rules settlement is reasonable

Wisconsin State Republicans To Vote On Affirming Their State's Right To Secede
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