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Notable News Header
Our Terrifying Future

The FCC is proposing new Net Neutrality rules that could enshrine pay-for-play & destroy Neutrality

Alex Wilhelm: The FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules Will Brutalize The Internet

Net Neutrality Advocates Angered by FCC's Planned New Rules

Vox Media: Everything you need to know about network neutrality
American Oligarchy

Koch Brothers conservative group AFP keeps spending big bucks trying to oust Senate Democrats

Aurora Victims' Families Denounce Photoshopped AFP Ad That Attacks Sen. Udall As 'Disgrace'

Fact Checker: Four new 'Americans for Prosperity' ads filled with lies about Obamacare
Race & The Right

Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Makes Ridiculously Racist Comments, Says Blacks Might Have Been 'Better Off' As Slaves

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Cliven Bundy Wants To Tell You All About 'The Negro' - This Won't End Well

Conservatives begin backing away after Cliven Bundy's remarks disparaging 'the Negro'

Joan Walsh: Race & the right-wing media - How dumb opportunism became a right-wing nightmare

Bundy's position on race not uncommon on the right

The Upshot: Southern Whites' Loyalty to G.O.P. Nearing That of Blacks to Democrats
Race & The Left

Jonathan Capehart: Defeating Obama's kryptonite with the black vote

Aaron Blake: Black voters could decide who controls the Senate in 2015. Here's how.
War on Women

Finally recognizing danger, GOP is beginning to engage, clumsily, with Dems in battle for women voters

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signs 20-week abortion ban
Immigration: Reform Coming?

Pres. Obama Faces Growing Pressure Against Secure Communities Deportation Program
Education In America

FiveThirtyEight: More High School Grads Now Deciding College Isn't Worth It
Energy, Climate & Environment

Jeff Goodell: Obama's Last Shot At Fighting Climate Change

Billionaire Tom Steyer: Keystone decision won't define Obama's environmental legacy

Chris Hayes: The Economics of Climate Change & The New Abolitionism
Nations In Turmoil

Ukraine forces kill 5 pro-Russian rebels as Russia vows retaliation

Turmoil in east Ukraine reaches across the country to Odessa, in the West

South Sudan rebels say they are closing in on oil fields

Pakistan jets attack rebel border bases
The War Over There

Three American doctors killed by Afghan security guard in Kabul
International News

Lebanon parliament fails to elect president
Midwest Roundup

Crowded Republican field avoids clashes in Nebraska GOP primary governor debate

Iowa Senate oversight panel backs new whistleblower protections

Absentee voting begins in Iowa for June primary
Daily Commentary Header
The Terrifying Future That's Almost Here
As we look ahead to the fall elections, and the 2016 elections beyond, both the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions from this current excuse for a Supreme Court are weighing heavily on our minds. What's weighing even more heavily is that Americans soon may not have any serious access to honest media - and might only have propaganda from the new American oligarchs instead.

We wish we could say that our comments this day were hyperbole, that looking into the near future of political campaigns in America wasn't like staring into a magic mirror that only spouted lies and a fog of obfuscation.

We can't say that, though.

Just look at the news. Since the Supreme Court effectively removed any serious limits on political campaign financing earlier in the year, the hugely wealthy Koch Brothers and their ironically named political advocacy group "Americans For Prosperity" have spent more than $35 million, just on negative TV ads, trying to slur, slam, and denigrate just four Democratic candidates.

We're not exaggerating when we say that the Koch Brothers and those who stand with them will stoop to any level. The latest example of this was an AFP ad aimed at Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall from Colorado..
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April 24, 2014
Daily Felltoon Preview for 04242014
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Jobs & The Economy

U.S. factory activity expands again in April, though pace of growth slows slightly

Steve Benen: Weekly jobless claims jump slightly; Seasonal factors push claims higher
Economic Inequality

Ed Kilgore: The New "Wedge Issues" Are On Equality - And They Benefit The Left

Greg Sargent: Tea Party economics - A long term losing strategy for Repubs & everyone else too
Health Care Checkup

NYT: Southerners Don't Like Obamacare. But They Also Don't Want to Repeal It.

New NYT Poll Blows Up The GOP's Obamacare Repeal Narrative

NYT Poll: Even These Southern States Don't Want Obamacare Repealed

Greg Sargent: Repubs aren't winning the big argument On Obamacare

J. Cohn: The Latest GOP Hypocrisy? Now Republicans Are Upset Obamacare Doesn't Help More People

Republicans Try To "Unskew" New Senate Poll Showing Democratic Leads

Kevin Drum: Running Away From Obamacare Is a Fool's Errand

Virginia Government Rolls Full Steam Toward Shutdown Over Obamacare
Media Matters

Rated 'Mostly True': Hillary Clinton says today's media is more entertainment, less facts

Jon Stewart Skewers Sean Hannity: "You're the Arby's of News"

Your Cap News Toon
April 24, 2014
Weekly CapNewsToon for 04242014
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White House Update

President Obama backs Japan in ongoing islands argument with

President Obama's plan to cut unfairly harsh prison sentences, explained
National News

New Records: IRS Targeted Progressive Groups More Extensively Than Tea Party

Navy investigates ex-Blue Angels commander after complaint he allowed sexual harassment
On The Left

EJ Dionne: How Democrats can woo swing voters and hold onto their base in '14

Ezra Klein: Is there a liberal equivalent of climate denial?
On The Right

Brian Beutler: Republicans' 2014 Midterms Strategy Is a Huge Gamble

And The Founding Fathers Weep:
Jeb Bush: I'm 'thinking about' 2016 run

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