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July 2014
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July is a great time to start checking out your local farmers markets! And a good time to start thinking about starting one in your community (see below). It's also the beginning of farm fair season, so lots of places to find fresh produce, fresh air and meet up with friends and family across Maryland this month.

Check out our regular monthly sampling of news, resources, events and other items from across the sustainability spectrum in Maryland.  
Summer squash
Silver Spring Farmers Market

West Baltimore Wildflower Project - Vacant Lots to Green Spaces
Date: July 12

The End of Sustainability? (online conference
Date: July 8

Collaborative Strategies for Sustainable Cities (Baltimore)
Date: July 16

Baltimore H
Harbor Bay Discovery Trip
July 16
The Future of Urban Ecology
Date: July 17

MD Buy Local Challenge Week
Dates: July 19-27

Washington County Agricultural Expo
Dates: July 19-26

Birdwatching Tour of the Anacostia River
Date: July 26

Urban Farm Volunteer Days (Baltimore)
Dates: July 26, August 30


Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
Dates: August 8-16

Charles County Green Expo
Date: August 9

Active Hope Workshop (Baltimore)
Dates: August 24-25

For consumers and communities, farmers markets offer a variety of economic, health and social benefits. They can provide economic stimulus to municipalities, and provide an alternative shopping experience that draws people out of their homes and increase interaction with neighbors. Most importantly, farmers markets increase a consumer's access to fresher, healthier foods; foster a relationship between the farmer and consumer; and raise the consumer's awareness of the food system. Let us know if your community is interested in starting one - it's a great time to start planning for next year!

EDUCATION: Sustainable Documentaries Lending Library Now Available to Green Teams
Sustainable Maryland is pleased to offer access to a wide range of environmental and sustainability documentaries to our Green Teams. These films can serve as both educational tools and discussion kick-offs on a variety of topics, including green building, agriculture, bicycle/pedestrian advocacy, alternative energy, environmental justice, and more. Email [email protected] to request a DVD. DVDs will be loaned out for one month at no charge to members of registered Green Teams.
(Please consult with film websites regarding any restrictions on public screenings)

White Roof Hyattsvile DPW 1The City of Hyattsville (Sustainable Maryland Certified in 2013) has been leading the way in energy savings. The City has purchased several electric vehicles; installed a white roof on their town hall, which reduces the electricity load in the summer; and conducted energy audits for all of their municipal buildings. The City also participated in the Small Town Energy Program (STEP), an innovative program designed to transform the way residents use energy. These initiatives are in line with the town's new Sustainability Plan, which outlines a green future for the community.
COOL TOOL: DNR Trail Atlas
View from Suagrloaf Mountain
The new D&R Trail Atlas offers users an online mapping tool for hiking and water trails across the state.
Start planning your weekend hikes and canoe trips this summer!

NEWS: Kentlands Celebrates 25th Anniversary!
Kentlands Town Center
A visit to Kentlands, the groundbreaking New Urbanist community located in Gaithersburg, is well worth the trip to see how thoughtful design of buildings and the space between them; a diverse mix of residential, retail and green space; and a respect for traditional streetscape patterns can achieve remarkable results. Click here for more about the year-long series of events celebrating this unique community. 
"The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is that our relationship to the planet need not be zero-sum, and that as long as the sun still shines and people still can plan and plant, think and do, we can, if we bother to try, find ways to provide for ourselves without diminishing the world. "

-Michael Pollan, The Ominivore's Dilemma: A Natural Hisory in Four Meals

For more information about how your municipality can register in the Sustainable Maryland Certified program, plus customized Green Team training and access to student resources that are available to provide consultancy services for municipal planning, please call 301 405-7956 or email [email protected] 

Mike Hunninghake
Program Manager 
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