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Tucker House Inn Newsletter                      November 2013
If you've put on a couple pounds over the past month and you haven't changed your routine or eating habits, you're not alone. As the weather turns colder and the light of day is shorter, our bodies respond to the signs of hibernation; in winter there is typically less food available to hunt or gather so our bodies start to add a little extra "cush" for the cold season.

Fortunately, in our society, food is always available so this ancient protective mechanism is not always welcome. That's why it's important to keep up with your physical activities during the cooler months, but that's sometimes easier said than done. On San Juan Island we enjoy in the neighborhood of 256 days when the sun makes an appearance, and milder temperatures than the mainland, so it's great for cold weather outdoor exercise: a hike along the ridge overlooking South Beach, a bicycle ride to Lime Kiln State Park, tide pooling at Cattle Point, even a stroll along the docks in Friday Harbor. Come visit San Juan Island and keep moving to shed the winter bulge. 
Island News
The annual meeting of the Friends of the San Juans featured keynote speaker Carl Zichella, Director of Western Transmission, Land & Wildlife Program, Natural Resources Defense Council. He presented an encouraging look at the alternatives to energy dilemmas.

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"Green Christmas"
Bing Crosby may have dreamed of a White Christmas, but on San Juan Island, we prefer the REduce-REuse-REcycle mantra. Christmas is no exception. Here are a few tips to help you bring the 3-RE spirit to your home.

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Best Places to Tide Pool
Tide pools can be places of endless fascination and entertainment, for young and old alike. San Juan Island has some great spots for this year-round activity, and we've got some tips to help you enjoy them.

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New at the Inns
Always striving to improve our "Green Hotel" practices, we considered eliminating our microwave popcorn due to its wasteful packaging. When we found out how unhealthy it is,
we came up with a much better alternative.

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Season of Change
Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos We write often about the seasons in our blogs and newsletters. Just as with the earth, we have seasons of our lives: early growth, maturity, winding down. Now, coming into Fall and Winter, I find it is time for me to wind down, time for a change.
Gift Shop

Back in our Gift Shop
Just in time for the holidays: Christmas-ornament-shaped soaps. These large soaps
are hand-crafted by our private soap maker, in seasonal scents. They make nice gifts when
you want "just a
little something" for someone: co-worker, postal carrier, salon stylist, neighbor, favorite ferry ticket taker, you know
who they are.

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November Recipe

Cookies & More Cookies!

We've been making giant cookies for the San Juan Community Theatre to sell in their concessions stand.

Chef Molly mixed up a few batches recently, and shares two recipes with you. A stack of three giant cookies tied with ribbon makes a welcome gift for any cookie monster.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies with Pecans and Cherries

Upcoming Events

Holidays on the Island!

While summer may be the busiest season for visitors, there's always things going on during the winter months.

This is your chance to experience the island like a local - simple, quiet fun.

Check out what's happening.

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If you can get up here soon, try to make a stop at Mt. Finlayson. Right now there is a glorious array of colorful mushrooms lining the sides of the trails like spectators at a parade; red, yellow, gold, orange, tan, gray, brown, black; speckled, ringed, cupped, straight, frilled, gilled, the variety is a joy to behold. Count how many different ones you can find - but don't eat them. Contact our Guest Services Coordinator if you'd like a private tour with a naturalist to identify those lovely spores.  

Happy Holidays from,
All the Staff at the Inns
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Written and produced by Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos