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Tucker House Inn Newsletter                      September 2013
We've got so much packed in this newsletter, we're just going to keep this introduction short. Summer was like running white water rapids - tough, exhilarating, and over in a blink. Fall is shaping up to be just as busy, with all kinds of island activities for Savor The San Juans month of October. So read on, friends!

New Way to View the Island
Over the years, we've found that guests coming to our Inns or to San Juan Island in general during the off seasons have a much different "agenda" than our summer visitors. Summer visitors rush to pack everything in to their limited time on the island, whereas the off-season visitors adopt a much more relaxed pace. Some come regularly, and some have "seen and done" all there is to do here on San Juan Island. To off season visitors and locals alike: we now challenge you to take an even deeper look at the island, and truly connect with the beauty of nature's spectacular regalia and soothing arms. To help you, we've enlisted some expert assistance. Learn more...
Island News
The Met Comes to Town: Opera is the compilation of all human characteristics - the good, the bad, and the ugly - distilled into heroes and heroines, protagonists and "the bad guys." The roles and the music are over-the-top magnificent, and that's why we love it. Well, some of us do. But what's this got to do with San Juan Island? Learn more...

Fire has Far Reaching Effects: Not many visitors or islanders have been able to resist the allure of dining on Downrigger's deck. A sunny day overlooking the water, munching on a tasty burger or fish taco, sipping a beverage, watching the boats come and go; it's the perfect "banana belt" way to enjoy a meal. The fire that destroyed the Downriggers building during the early morning hours of August 17th will have a far reaching impact. Learn more... 

New Wayfinding: Need to find your way around the island before you check into you room? Now you can download a free map app for your I-phone. Learn more... 
Coal Exports Update
Much has happened over the summer in the continuing battle against the Gateway Pacific Terminal project. The Army Corps of Engineers issued a statement of their decision, a First Nations tribe fired off a formal letter of objection, the lead organizations for the Environmental Impact Study released their statement of the scope of the study, and the company that plans to build the terminal was caught red-handed breaking the law. Learn more...


Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling
This November, Washington State voters will decide whether to label genetically engineered foods. Food manufacturers already label ingredients, nutrition facts, the country of origin, whether fish was wild or farm-raised, whether vanilla extract is pure or artificial, and now even whether meat was tenderized mechanically. Initiative 522 is all about giving Washington shoppers the information they need to make informed choices about the groceries they buy.

Opponents of labeling have five out-of-state, corporate donors: Grocery Manufacturers Association, Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, and Bayer. Together, they've already put in $3.3 million to shut down the labeling movement in Washington State. Do you really want them to control your right to know?
Learn more... 


RSS Feed Now Available

We've now added the orange RSS feed icon on our blog posts for Tucker House Inn, Harrison House Suites, and Coho Restaurant. You'll find it at the top of the right hand column. If you'd like to keep up on San Juan Island, Inns and Coho Restaurant news, this is a real simple way to do it. In fact, RSS is commonly called "Real Simple Syndication" but it actually stands for Rich Site Summary. Learn more...

Samish Indian Tribe of the San Juans
The Whale Museum's lecture series last month entitled "My Life as an Orca" brought up surprising emotions. Find out what Samish Vocalist Rosie Cayou James and Spiritualist Bill Bailey had to say. Learn more... 


Gift Shop
Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender Bath Salts

Thanks to a guest's suggestion and a lot of research, we are pleased to offer Lavender Bath Salts, the newest product in our line of hand-crafted soaps, lotions, bath and body products

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September Recipe

Lavender Scones

Seems like we are featuring a double dose of lavender in this issue, but with the fun of the lavender festival still on our minds and the fields still in bloom, we just can't resist.

These are great make-ahead brunch treats.

Learn more...

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

There are lots of new events on the island this year, including movies, bicycle tours, farm tours and tastings, art walks, and more.

Check out what's happening on our Events Calendar.

Learn more...
Last but certainly not least, we couldn't resist sharing an
adorable letter we received from Sammy Molitor, pictured
to the right. Click here to read Sammy's letter.

As we head into the shoulder season, we also enter our favorite time of year on the island. The light is golden, the air is crisp, and peace returns to the island. The first of the migrating geese have been heard, loudly honking as they swoop low over the island. We hope you'll visit this very special time of year, and take time to smell the ocean, breathe the fresh air, follow the flight of an eagle, listen to the sound of rustling grass, and just let yourself unwind.      

Sending Sunny Friday Harbor Greetings From,
Anna Maria and All the Staff at the Inns
Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn
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Written and produced by Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos