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Tucker House Inn Newsletter                      November 2012
Finally, it's arrived! The rain is here, and we're LOVIN' IT! If you visited the inns this summer you probably noticed our yellow lawns. Being a Certified Green Hotel, we choose to water our flowers only, and rely on what falls from the sky for the rest of the landscaping and gardens since water is a precious natural resource here. This summer was a record of "rainless" days, hence the yellow lawns.

Typically we have three times as many "mostly sunny" days as Seattle, and only a fourth of the "dreary" days. This year it's predicted the winter will be pretty mild. Whatever time of year, the island is always lovely, always soul soothing if you let yourself relax. Come visit this winter and experience the peace of the island.

New Chef
Molly at the Range Meet Molly. Or maybe you already have. If you haven't, you're missing out because Molly is cooking up some fabulous breakfasts.

Molly Prima joined us at the end of August, jumping right into the heat of a busy commercial kitchen on Labor Day weekend. Undaunted from her "christening by fire," Molly has been introducing our breakfast guests to her favorites of comfort food classics with an upscale twist. Learn more... 
Island News
Scoping hearings are now being held regarding the Gateway Pacific Terminal. The public will never get to vote on this project, but we can all express our concerns about the impact of this project in Public Scoping Hearings. Learn more...

Islanders are rallying to collect money to install a beautiful sculpture of a whale fluke at the top of the ferry landing.
Learn more...  
Visits From Descendants
Jerry Hemphill

Last month were were honored with visits from two descendants of island pioneers, Jerry Hemphill and Patti Skene.   

Their visits reminded us of how we are all so very much connected in this world, and how history is never truly in the past. Learn more...  



Gift Shop

Rusable Bag https://reserve1.resnexus.com/resnexus/book/retail.aspx?ResID=82390&ID=1891&Tab=2

OOOPS! We're sorry! In the last issue, our link to our new Reusable Shopping Bags didn't quite hit the mark. A Gift cErtifciate tucked inside one of thee convenient bags makes a nice gift for that person who has everything. Super durable and machine washable, they, open to standard grocery bag size, yet fold into their own small pouch for stowing in purse or backpack. Learn more...

November Recipe
Stone Fruit Tart  http://www.harrisonhousesuites.com/food-wine/

Pumpkin Cheesecake

This seasonal make-ahead treat is equally at home at the most elegant holiday dessert table or as comfort food after family meals.

It's tall and fluffy; topped with a dollop of fresh cream, it's luscious, and pairs well with a rich cup of freshly-brewed coffee. Learn more...

Upcoming Events
Chamber Music San Juan

on the island are like a scene out of Prairie Home Companion. Gently paced, focusing on people and the joy of our surroundings.

You won't find the hustle and bustle of frantic shopping frenzies here; just simple, quiet fun.

Check out what's happening.
Learn more...
These past months we've been blessed with wonderful guests, many of whom have four-legs! Every one of these family pets is adorable, and we'd love to "show them off" on our Pinterest boards. Send us your favorite photo of your dear family pet, or an animal image that you love or find humorous and would like to share. All submissions should be addressed to Stephanie@TuckerHouse.com.


No one can make you feel more appreciated than a family pet, but we're sending you our heartiest thanks for visiting us, sharing your thoughts and comments, and referring us to your friends and family. From our family to yours,     

Happy Holidays from,
Anna Maria and All the Staff at the Inns
Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn
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Written and produced by Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos