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Exploding Picture Box by Jody Alexander                                                                                     
May 2014   
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SCRAP Art: Creative Reuse in the Bayview
SCRAP in the Community
Board Report
SCRAP Workshop Pics
May 10 - Crank Up the Automata
May 17&18 - Tempered Glass Mosaics
May 24 - Exploding Picture Box
May 31 - BagShare Sew
June 14 - Collage Workshop
June 21 - Buttonhole Stitch Books
June 28 & 29 - 3-D Mosaics
Drop In Jewelry Making
Coming in July...
SCRAP Art: Creative Reuse in the Bayview
June 12th - July 26th
Opening reception at
Thurs, June 12th
5 - 8pm

Sat, June 7th  6pm

Join us for our 5th art exhibition SCRAP Art: Creative Reuse in the Bayview being held at the Reclaimed Room at Building Resources, Public Glass, and the 3rd St. Salvation Army.

This year's exhibition showcases the creative reuse tradition and talents of the artists who are affiliated with the Bayview. Artists who live, work, shop, or participate in Bayview programs like Building Resources, SCRAP, Recology AIR, and Public Glass.

Supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission and
the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission through
a Community Arts in
Bayview grant.

May SCRAP Fabric Sale!
Come to SCRAP for fabric for all your sewing projects!
Bags of fabric are $5, bags of upholstery fabric are $4 and selected bolts of fabric from $1-4.
SCRAP Fabric
And we always need volunteers to help roll our mountain of SCRAP fabric! Email
SCRAP in the Community

Cal Academy Nightlife Perception and Illusion: 

Create 3D illusions with spinning tops!

Thurs, May 8 5:30pm-10pm 


3rd on Third Bayview: Latin Explosion 

Thurs, May 15, 5-8pm


Maker Faire
May 17-18, 10am-8pm
Join SCRAP at our largest Maker Faire event yet! We have twice the space and two activities: hands on sculpture and mandalas.

Cal Academy
Nightlife: Pride
June 26, 6-10pm
Join us for a "Leather and Lace" project! 
Board Report

In April SCRAP participated in two workshops sponsored by the San Francisco Arts Commission where we learned a great deal about why people give to SCRAP and how giving makes them feel. Here are some things we learned:  

Getting That Helping High - National Institutes of Health found that when people give to charities like SCRAP, it activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and releases endorphins.
Giving is Good for Your Health - A John Hopkins study showed, people who provided social support to others had lower blood pressure than participants who didn't.
Giving not Splurging - In a 2008 the Harvard Business School found that giving money to someone else lifted participants' happiness more that spending it on their self.
Gratitude - That gift can elicit feelings of gratitude and research has found that gratitude is integral to happiness and health.


Your support is vital to help SCRAP build and sustain our role in the community. Donate now -- All donations are tax-

deductible. Feel Happy and Thanks for your support! 

SCRAP Board of Directors

Workshop Pics
Quick Links

Did you know that this week is National Teacher Week? As the school year winds down, please let your favorite teacher know that they are appreciated.

SCRAP was created 37 years ago because the art teachers funded through the CETA program needed affordable supplies to use in the classroom. The ingenuity of these art teachers to create treasure out of discarded materials helped SCRAP grow and thrive throughout the years.

Here at SCRAP, we appreciate teachers throughout the year hosting Teacher Materials Giveaways every month, Workshops for Educators (WE SCRAP), Field Trips and Project Idea sheets.

Thank you to all of you who teach, who inspire, who educate!

Have a wonderful May filled with creativity,

Shuai Chen

SCRAP Executive Director
SCRAP Workshop -

Crank Up the Automata w/ Francisco Hernandez 

Saturday, May 10th  10am-4pm    fee: $60


Using simple and repurposed materials, create mechanisms to animate a figure - an automata. We will learn some basic principles of mechanical devices - such as the use of cams, gears, pulleys, levers, etc. - and apply them to create whimsical kinetic toys or sculptures.


About Francisco

Francisco Hernandez is a teacher, tinkerer, and sculptor. He has a hard time passing up discarded objects without refashioning them into something surprising. He has taught several different workshops at SCRAP for artists and teachers.


SCRAP Workshop -

Saturday, May 17th 10am - 4pm
Sunday, May 18th 10am - 12pm   fee: $80


Tempered glass mosaics glimmer as they refract light with a  glimpse of veiled collages underneath. Glass artist Reddy Lieb will show how to work with this magical material and create a recycled mixed media piece. Participants will work with collage materials found at SCRAP and adhere them to a piece of wood, a box or other 3D form, then cover the collage with tempered glass. The second day of class participants will finish their mosaics with colored grouts to enhance the design.


About Reddy
For over 30 years Reddy Lieb has been working with glass to create both conceptual and functional work. She uses recycled materials in her work and in 2000 was the Artist-in-Residence at Recology San Francisco, aka the garbage dump. In 2004, she received an MFA from the California College of Art. Reddy loves inspiring the creative process in people and has been doing so for over 20 years.


Click here to register. 

SCRAP Workshop -
Exploding Picture Box w/ Jody Alexander

Saturday, May 24th   12:30-4:30pm   fee: $40


Book artist Jody Alexander is back to teach this clever paper structure that originates from the Victorian Era. In this class participants will make a multi-layered paper box and lid that has 28 surfaces where pictures, words, and illustrations can be placed. It is like a little book or photo album in a box... that explodes!


About Jody 
Jody Alexander is an artist and bookmaker. She binds books with found and discarded papers and fabric in a number of historical and modern binding styles. Her pieces celebrate collecting, storytelling, and odd characters. She is the proprietress of Wishi Washi Studio in Santa Cruz is a CreativeBug artist.

BagShare at SCRAP
Sew reusable bags for SCRAP!

Sat, May 31st 

11am - 3pm

Drop in anytime!


BagShare reduces waste, gets people sewing, and turns scrap fabric into bags that shoppers use when they forget their own bag. BagShare locations strive to become bag free. Bags are returned to any BagShare location.


Drop in and sew for SCRAP! 

Sewing bags is easy and fun! 

SCRAP Workshop -

Collage w/ Roxanna Walker 

Saturday, June 14th  1-4pm    fee: $40


Celebrate your innate creativity with an afternoon of collage led by local mixed media artist Roxanna Walker. Collage is an excellent medium for anyone who yearns to create -- no formal art background required! Collage is a no-pressure technique with no mistakes. Roxanna will lead participants as they delve into SCRAP for images and other elements that inspire and speak to  them. Participants will go home with at least one collage and lots of inspiration for your next visit to SCRAP.


About Roxanna

Roxanna Walker is a San Francisco artist who has spent her life exploring creativity, initially with writing before transitioning to collage and mixed media. She has studied with several Bay area artists, shows her art locally, and pursues her passion full-time. 


SCRAP Workshop -

Buttonhole Stitch Books w/ C.J. Grossman 

Saturday, June 21st  12-4pm    fee: $45


Join book artist C.J. Grossman and learn how to make this fun book structure that can be used to create a journal or sketchbook that opens flat and can incorporate wonderful cover designs. The name comes from the buttonhole stitch used and sewn on the outside of the journal. Your book can be decorated with beads or buttons and other materials found at SCRAP. A great book for gifts, this is a popular structure that you can recreate at home with ease.


About C.J.  

C.J. Grossman is a mixed media artist and art teacher specializing in Book Arts and unique paper cuts. She exhibits her books, mixed media altars, assemblage and paper cut out books nationally. She has taught thousands of students how to make books, and also teachers educators and parents how to make books with kids. 


SCRAP Workshop -

3-D Mosaics w/ Jane Schafgans  

Saturday, June 28th  10am-4pm

Sunday, June 29th  10-1pm     fee: $80


Join mosaic artist Jane Schafgans as she  delights and dazzles once again with her mosaic techniques that add color and visual interest enhancing any object or form. In this workshop Jane will show participants how to create mosaics on 3-dimensional surfaces. Participants will be able to use materials from SCRAP or bring their own 3-dimensional objects to work on. It should be small enough to complete the first day. The second day participants will choose their grout color and finish the piece.


About Jane
Jane Schafgans, native San Franciscan, has been working with mosaics for many years. Besides teaching adults, she has also worked as an artist in residence, partnering with fellow artist Kim Payne, in several public and private schools in S.F, facilitating mosaic murals designed and created by students. She has also volunteered on several public works mosaic installations around the city.


Drop-in Jewelry Making
Come participate in our Drop-In Jewelry Making
Mondays, 12 to 2pm
($5 suggested donation)
Coming in July...
July 12th - Assemblage "Spirit Houses" w/ Reddy Lieb

July 19th - Book Art w/ CJ Grossman

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