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SCRAP Art: Blue Sunset
by Kenan Shapero                                   November 2013
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Nov 16: Volunteer Day
Board Report
SCRAPpy Sunday Pics
Family Art Day
Teacher GiveAway
SCRAP Quilts
SCRAP Wrap It!
Drop In Jewelry Making
SCRAP is hiring
Seen at SCRAP
Wall-size whiteboards

11 x 14" Sheet Protectors
SCRAP Volunteer Day!
Sat, Nov 16th
10am - 4pm
SCRAP is looking for a few good volunteers. Brave men and women who are not afraid of repetitive tasks. Wonderful helpers who will risk paper cuts, RSI, and accidentally getting ink on clothing or skin.

We need volunteers to help with our fundraising efforts, to label, stuff, stamp, and seal envelopes. Come to SCRAP anytime Saturday, November 16th 10am to 4pm. We'll bring all the supplies, you bring the hard labor needed, we'll have some fun!

RSVP or just show up!
SCRAP at Larkspur Farmer's Market
Larkspu Farmers Market poster
Every Saturday in November
10:30am to 1:30pm
Visit the SCRAP booth for hands-on crafting!
Board Report

At Last, it is Fall in San Francisco. It is time to start thinking about how to decorate your house for Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays and how to do it in a creative and sustainable manner! Creating your own holiday decorations can bring that special sense of humor to your home. Not since 1918 have Thanksgiving and Chanukah crossed paths on the same day.  As if we San Franciscans ever need a reason to celebrate ..."Thanksukah"!  Last Sunday while I was at SCRAP, I  found the perfect Turkey to make my own "Turkenorah."  It is going to be part turkey and part menorah. The holidays are a perfect time to come to SCRAP and bring back an old tradition of the family, or create a new one. Why not make your own decorations and gifts?  Visit and get inspired. The nights are now longer so why not enjoy this time creating some holiday decorations. Then share them on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages. Remember to mention SCRAP!
Thank you,
Michael Bongiorni
SCRAP Board Member
SCRAPpy Sunday Pics
Check out all the fun artists who participated
in our first
SCRAP Craft Market!


I love November, it's my favorite month. And this year, it's even more special with Hanukkah and Thanksgiving all together. It's all about celebrating everything we're thankful for. About friends, family, and loved ones. I can't think of a better way to have kicked off this wonderful month than the wonderful gathering of SCRAP supporters at our recent Scrappy Sunday. Thank you so much to all the board members, staff, artists and supporters who made it a wonderful day.


And thank you to everyone who helps SCRAP by donating excess materials, buying from our depot, donating an extra dollar, signing up for a workshop, or volunteering. This holiday season, I'd like to ask you to help us spread the ethos of SCRAP and creative reuse. Please tell your friends and family about creative reuse. I bet wherever they are, there's a creative reuse center pretty close. And if they're close to the Bay Area, please do drag them over to SCRAP. We love seeing the bright eyes and jaws agape expressions of first time Scrappers.


The more that we share about creative reuse, the more materials we'll all divert from the landfill, and the more sustainable our world will become.


Creative-Reuse-fully yours,


Shuai Chen
SCRAP Executive Director
SCRAP at Family Art Day at the Shipyard!
November 9, 11am-4pm

Join SCRAP, Artspan and STAR in a fun creative reuse robot, insects, and aliens creation project at Family Art Day at the Shipyard. We'll be next to the giant spaceship!
for San Francisco Teachers
Dec 7th:  1-4pm

SCRAP hosts teacher SCRAP Teacher Materials GiveAwaymaterial give-aways for San Francisco teachers on the first Saturday of the month from 1 to 4 pm. We will have all kinds of supplies for your classroom including paper, markers, binders, sponges, National Geos, and much more!
SCRAP Workshop -

SCRAP Quilts w/ Kenan Shapero

Nov 9th, 10am to 4pm    fee: $60


null Join us as Kenan Shapero shares her knowledge and inspiration for the Scrap quilt in the perfect place... SCRAP! Kenan will begin the class with an introduction to the world of Scrap quilts giving an overview of the various and many types. Then she will lead participants through the materials depot to investigate all the bits of wonderful fabric found at SCRAP that can be incorporated into a SCRAP quilt of their own. By the end of the day participants will have the first few blocks of their quilt done or a small top ready to be made into a sandwich and quilted. Included in the workshop will be information for how to quilt and bind these small masterpieces. Please bring a sewing machine.


About Kenan

Kenan has been making quilts for 18 years. While many of them are not Scrap quilts many do incorporate scrap quilt techniques. She spent over 13 years observing, unloading, rolling, fondling and shelving many tons of fabric at SCRAP!  In October she will become the president of the San Francisco Quilters' Guild.


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WE SCRAP! Workshop -
WE SCRAP! Workshops for educators present creative reuse projects that can be used in the classroom, use SCRAP materials, and directly tie into curriculum. Participants will have the opportunity to create and will obtain a materials package to teach the project in their own classroom complete with an instruction sheet that includes a list of California Content Standards the project fulfills. WE SCRAP! Workshops are 10am - 1pm   fee: $15

Dec 7th - Finger Puppet Books presented by Patricia Christensen

Finger puppets are fun and can be easily made with many different materials and techniques. These little puppets inspire storytelling; and dialogue seems to come naturally. After creating their own finger puppet characters, students are eager to write and decorate their creative adventures on sturdy paper. Once holes are cut, finger puppet characters poke up and come alive on the page(s) of student books. This workshop will provide opportunities to make both glued and sewn finger puppets with a variety of treasures found at SCRAP. We will also experiment with simple bookmaking techniques. Because of small items (buttons, beads, pom-poms) used to make finger puppets, they are not suitable for very young children.


About Patricia 

Patricia Christensen is a SFUSD Visual Art Teacher with 4/5 grade classroom experience. She has taught textiles and mixed-media art making for over twenty years.


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SCRAP Workshop - 
SCRAP Wrap It! w/ Megumi Inouye & Monica Lee 
Saturday, December 14th   1-4pm    fee: $30     
Megumi and Monica are back again for their popular repurposing gift-wrapping workshop. They have new ideas to share as well as some of their favorite techniques from past workshops on how to transform SCRAP materials into holiday gift giving/ wrapping treasures: recycled floral bows, scrap tags, playing card gift boxes and other "made from scratch" packaging ideas. There will be time during the second half of the workshop to browse Scrap for materials to wrap, prep and get a head start on your personal holiday wrapping.

About Monica and Megumi
Megumi Inouye is the host of the Japanese American Journal for KTSF where she has featured Japanese inspired gift wrapping tips. She was the 2008 Runner-Up Finalist in a national gift-wrapping contest and appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show for a Wrap Off with Ellen!
Monica Lee has been a professional photographer for 30 years and is a life-long crafter and long time SCRAPper. Monica has taught at SCRAP, Sunnyside Conservatory and FabMo. Monica is the Artist in Residence at Ruth's Table at the Bethany Center. 


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Drop-in Jewelry Making at SCRAP!
Come participate in our
Drop-In Jewelry Making
Mondays, 12 to 2pm
($5 suggested donation)
SCRAP is hiring...
Warehouse Coordinator - for details click here. 

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