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September 2013
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In Memorium: Ruth Asawa
Art Break Day at SCRAP
Monthly Teacher GiveAway
Sept 14 - Family Stuffy Workshop
Sept 28 & 29 - Sas Colby's Art As Improvisation
Oct 5 - WE SCRAP! Ode to Things
Oct 12 - SCRAP Paper - Iris Fold
Oct 19 - Make Your Own Costume
SCRAP Creative Reuse Challenge ~
Birdhouse Challenge!
Sat, Sept 21st  1-3pm
Think you're creative? Think you're crafty? Think you can transform anything into anything else? Test your creativity, crafting or carpentry skills in the SCRAP Birdhouse Challenge!
We'll supply you with all the materials and tools you need. You conceive, design and build the best birdhouse. Judging will be performed by the SCRAP community and winning birdhouses will get a $30 gift certificate to SCRAP!

CalAcademy NightLife
Join SCRAP at CalAcademy
to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Steinhart Aquarium and refine your 1920's garb with SCRAP decor!
Thurs, Sept 26, 6-10pm

SCRAP needs...


SCRAP just got a nice batch of plexiglass squares. This material comes to us from all kinds of sources: museums, frame and sign shops, designers, and retailers who use it for displays. 

If you know someone getting rid of plexiglass, let them know about SCRAP!  
We offer free pick-up for 6+ boxes. Call us or e-mail 
Thanks for your support
of the arts, education,
and the environment!

Board Report

September is a time of renewal & new experiences.  As artists return from Burning Man, teachers return to new faces in their classrooms and crafters tackle fresh projects, SCRAP is also creating new experiences for our community. We will host our first family-friendly workshop this month and will continue to seek out opportunities to showcase the talent of our constituents in the form of art exhibitions.  


We strive to measure our progress in meeting the mission of SCRAP to stimulate creativity and environmental awareness in children and adults through promoting the creative reuse of materials that traditionally have been discarded as waste and are happy to report that August was our largest Hats off to Teachers! Materials Giveaway to date. It's because of the generosity of our supporters and the responsible citizens of our community that make this all possible.


Thank you for your support.

~ Becky Barton

Board President, SCRAP

Volunteer for SCRAP

Want to start volunteering at SCRAP? Come to one of our bi-monthly new volunteer orientations to learn more and get started! 

Every 2nd Sat at 10am & 4th Mon at noon.

Next one is:
Sat, Sept 14th  12pm

Ask for Jeff!
Drop-In Jewelry Making
Come participate in our
Drop-In Jewelry Making
Mondays, 12 to 2pm
($5 suggested donation)
SCRAP Workshop Photos

Courtney Cerruti's Accordion Explosion Workshop -
What a great day!

SCRAP at Exploratorium's Market Days Trashformation 8/17/13
SCRAP Mandala #1 in process
SCRAP Mandala #1 done
SCRAP Mandala #2
 We made 5 mandalas in 3 hrs -- Thanks everyone!
It was really fun!
Many beautiful sundials
were made..
And wind toys too!
Quick Links  


September at SCRAP is jam packed with great events, workshops and creative opportunities.


Come by today to join us in taking an Art Break. We'll have all the supplies you'll need for any kind of art-making. And if you enjoy making crazy sculptures, join us in our Birdhouse Challenge. We'll provide all the tools and supplies, you provide the creativity.


Our monthly Teacher Material Give-aways are happening again, every first Saturday of the month. Please let all your favorite SF educators know that we have all kinds of office and arts and crafts supplies up for grabs this Saturday, 1pm to 4pm.


We're excited to offer two special workshops this month. The Stuffies workshop will be our first family workshop. Come learn how to create stuffed animals alone or with your children. We're honored to host Sas Colby in her Art as Improvisation workshop in collaboration with the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts. Participants will begin the weekend creating improvisational books in the treasure trove of SCRAP and end at the beautiful woodland retreat of the O'Hanlan Center. Hope you can join us for either or both of the workshops.


Have a creative month,

Shuai Chen
SCRAP Executive Director 

(415) 647-1746 

In Memorium: Ruth Asawa, SCRAP Board president 1978-2008

Ruth Asawa was instrumental in helping SCRAP start over 37 years ago. She was an Arts Commissioner in the 70's and participated in laying the initial foundations for SCRAP to become a nonprofit. She served as our first board president and continued to advocate and participate in SCRAP programs for 20 years. When SCRAP was located at Fort Mason, she nurtured the artistic development of teachers through workshops. Ruth was passionate about art education and the integration of the arts in the curriculum. She loved that our organization was community oriented. She once said that the most satisfying project of her life was to be on the board of SCRAP.


Thank you, Ruth for your dedication to community art programs in San Francisco.


 "An artist is not special. An artist is an ordinary person who can take ordinary things and make them special" ~ Ruth Asawa  

For more about Ruth please read the article in September's Noe Valley Voice here. 

Take an Art Break at SCRAP!
Art Break Day ~ Fri, Sept 6th    9am to 5pm

SCRAP is proud to be participating in Art is Moving's annual Art Break Day! Art Break Day is a day-long celebration that encourages people to sit down, take a short break from their busy lives, and make art for free! Art Sites are set up in 19 locations throughout the world, this year including SCRAP. People of all ages are encouraged to participate. There is no time limit on participation. 


Learn more here!

Sat, Sept 7th - 1 to 4pm 


SCRAP hosts monthly Teacher Material GiveAways for San Francisco teachers! We have all kinds of supplies for your classroom available the first Saturday of the month from 1 to 4pm. We'll have paper, markers, binders, sponges,

National Geos, and much more!


Click here for more info!  

SCRAP Family Workshop
Stuffy Workshop w/ Lauren Hartman 
Sat, Sept 14th  2-5pm for all ages!
fee: $40 (adults); $20 (children)

Have you ever wanted to design and make your own stuffy?   Let your imagination go wild and create the perfect companion!  In this workshop we will draw out and design your ideal stuffy, then bring it to life.  Participants will get the opportunity to explore SCRAP for inspiration, fabrics, buttons, and trims to embellish and personalize their new creation. 

About Lauren  
Lauren has always been creating and constructing. Her passion for her art-making started in her childhood. Lauren teaches art and sewing at the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts and holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco Art Institute.

Special Workshop
Outer Structure, Inner Contemplation
presented by Sas Colby

at SCRAP and O'Hanlon Center for the Arts   


Sat, Sept 28th 10am - 4pm at SCRAP

Sun, Sept 29th 10am - 2pm at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
fee: $150


Join artist Sas Colby on a journey that begins with the excitement of creating from the limitless treasure trove of materials and found objects at SCRAP, and ends up in the beauty of the contemplative woodland retreat at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts.


On the first day of this unique weekend workshop Sas will lead participants in the creation of an outer book structure, with improvisational techniques for making pages from SCRAP materials, building and binding books of wire and string, and whatever else is on hand. We will construct spontaneous books out of the most surprising materials, bringing new meaning to the idea of "the book."  


The second day of the workshop will take place in the beautiful setting of the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley, where participants will continue to work on their pages. We will experiment with drawing and word-play and examine the symbolism of our materials and structures. No experience is necessary; novice artists will learn many useful methods, and experienced artists will have the opportunity of approaching their work anew.




About Sas
Artist Sas Colby has more than forty years of experience - making, exhibiting and teaching art. Her innovative workshops are combinations of the nontraditional with a solid grounding in art basics. Sas's mixed media artwork has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally. A survey exhibition, Sas Colby: Twenty Years of Book Thinking, traveled from Santa Fe, New Mexico to The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, and to Mills College, Oakland, California. Colby has been a visiting artist in Australian universities and at schools throughout this country. She has inspired many with her ability to make the creative process come alive. She currently teaches workshops in Taos, New Mexico; Mallorca, Spain; and at the San Francisco Center for the Book. 


About O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
The mission of O'Hanlon Center for the Arts is to provide programs, studio space, exhibitions, and experiences that honor individual creativity, develop artistic practice, and build community. Programs offered at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts emphasize the creative process and the continued pursuit of meaning and authenticity through observation, exploration, and experimentation.


Click here to register! 

WE SCRAP! Workshops for Educators present creative reuse projects that can be taught in the classroom, use SCRAP materials, and directly ties into the curriculum. Participants learn and create the project and then obtain a classroom materials package complete with an instruction sheet including a list of California Content Standards the project fulfills.
10am to 1pm   fee: $15 (for educators only)

Oct 5th: Ode to Things - The Writing of Odes as a Tactile Adventure presented by Sally Doyle
...this ocean is yours, 

and mine:
these buttons
and wheels
and little forgotten treasures...


Ode to Things by Pablo Neruda


This WE SCRAP! workshop shows teachers how to have fun teaching poetry and help their students see, touch and understand how beautiful common things we cast off can be. It is an opportunity for students to explore poetry tacitly.

Participants will adventure down the aisles of SCRAP, looking for objects or materials that speak to them and inspire them to praise. They will write odes and make a 3D project /poem to go with it. Then the participants' poems will be put in a SCRAP Odes to Common Things Booklet that can be used in the classroom.


Sally Doyle is a teacher and poet with California Poets in the Schools and is poet-in-residence at Miraloma Elementary School and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.


 Click here to register! 

SCRAP Workshop
SCRAP Paper: Iris Fold w/ Jody Alexander
Saturday, October 12th 1-4pm   fee: $40

The Iris Fold technique originated in Holland and makes a striking frame for any image or photograph. Strips of folded paper create a spiral design that resembles the iris of an eye or camera. In this workshop artist Jody Alexander will show participants how to make iris fold creations using SCRAP materials to frame an image of their choice that can be used on a card or left ready for framing.


About Jody 

Jody Alexander is an artist, bookmaker and librarian. She binds books with found and discarded papers and fabric in a number of historical and modern binding styles. She combines these books with found objects to create sculptural works and installations. Her pieces celebrate collecting, storytelling, and odd characters. She is the proprietress of Wishi Washi Studio in Santa Cruz, California.


Click here to register! 

SCRAP Family Workshop
Make Your Own Costume w/ Lauren Hartman 
Sat, Oct 19th  2-5pm for all ages!
fee: $40 (adults); $20 (children)

Do you know what you will be for Halloween? Come and construct a fabulous Halloween costume using the many forms, shapes, and treasures around SCRAP. Participants will paint, glue, sew, and create custom costumes together as well as build 3-D construction skills for future disguises.

About Lauren  
Lauren has always been creating and constructing. Her passion for her art-making started in her childhood. Lauren teaches art and sewing at the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts and holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco Art Institute.

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