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April 2013       
SCRAP art - Garden Ball I by Stephanie Riger
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SCRAP Artists at FLAX
The Re-Use Ride
Board Report
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SCRAP Workshop Pics
WE SCRAP! Workshops
April Community Events
Apr 13 & 14 - Mosaic Mandalas
Apr 27 - Artist Aprons
May 11 - Creative Collage
May 18 - Art Journaling
Catch SCRAP artists work at FLAX Art & Design in San Francisco through April. Stop in and check it out!

Erin Feller
- mixed media
SF Bicycle Coalition
The Re-Use Ride
April 7th, 10am - 1pm
SCRAP at Larkspur
Farmers Market
April 13 & 27
Visit SCRAP's hands-on
craft table at the
Larkspur Framer's Market.  
Board Report
People are drawn to SCRAP as artists, educators, parents, crafters, bargain hunters, etc. I was personally drawn to SCRAP because of the tremendous impact the organization makes on our environment. All of the materials you see and use from SCRAP have been diverted from our landfills. Annually, SCRAP diverts over 250 tons of materials!
On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. Throughout the month SCRAP staff, board members and volunteers will be participating in various events to increase awareness about the positive environmental effects of creative reuse - including a collaborative art project in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza on April 20th. I am proud to be a board member of an organization that is literally making our environment healthier on a daily basis, partnering with our city to achieve Zero Waste by 2020, and actively educating our community about creative reuse.


Larisa Dzwonczyk, SCRAP Board Secretary
SCRAP needs...
Do you know anyone who works in a chocolate store, gift shop, or department store? Someone who cares about the Earth and the Arts? Someone who's moving or clearing out space?

 SCRAP-supported teachers love these boxes for projects involving space, sound, and scene. Artists love them for mixed-media projects and storing supplies. If you can assist SCRAP in finding more sources for boxes that might be headed to landfill please  contact SCRAP's Outreach Coordinator, Kat Taylor at

Thanks for your support of the arts, the schools, and creative reuse!
SCRAP needs volunteers!
Volunteer at SCRAP creative reuse community events! Email Kat at!
SCRAP Workshop Pics

From emiko oye & Shana Astrachan's Project Accessorize: Talisman Pendants workshop.

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SCRAP Teacher Materials GiveAway

  Last Teacher Material GiveAway 
for the semester!  
Sat, April 6th

Every day is Earth Day here at SCRAP and this month the rest of the world is joining us in celebrating and preserving our mother earth. We'll be out at several community events to inspire people to creatively rethink their materials. I'm especially excited about participating in San Francisco's Earth Day at Civic Center, where we will invite the public to help us create a collaborative Earth Day tree.


Here at SCRAP, Earth Day isn't just about the community events, it's about the materials, the 250 tons a year of materials, diverted from landfill. It's about the workshops that inspire participants to create mosaic mandalas, artist aprons, or jewelry out of the materials that we have in our warehouse. It's about you, and everything that you do with SCRAP materials, whatever it may be.


We want to thank you for participating in the SCRAP community and invite you to share your creative reuse projects, your DIY creations, your art exhibitions and your class projects with us on our Facebook page. Let's make every day Earth Day!


Environmentally yours,

Shuai Chen

Executive Director, SCRAP 

(415) 647-1746 

WE SCRAP! Workshops for Educators present a creative reuse project that can be taught in the classroom, uses SCRAP materials, and directly ties into the curriculum. Participants learn and create the project and then obtain a classroom materials package complete with an instruction sheet that includes a list of California Content Standards that the project fulfills.  
10am to 1pm      fee: $15 (for educators only)


presented by Francisco Hernandez

Design thinking and basic science experiments can be made accessible by building a variety of simple toys. Participants will construct tops, pinwheels, wind turbines, parachutes, a basic barometer, sound horns to listen to old vinyl records. We will investigate how guided exploration through inquiry is an ideal method for teaching STEM in your classroom. What's more, this student-driven approach is also well suited for integration of math concepts such as geometry and measurement. Your instructor, Francisco Hernandez, will share how he has used these simple creations to create engaging activities that help students use their creativity and scientific thinking.

Earth Day is April 22nd!
Join SCRAP at one of these community events in April:

Sat, April 20th, 10am to 6pm

Find SCRAP and help us build a collaborative tree installation! 




SCRAP Workshop -
Mosaic Mandalas w/ Jane Schafgans

Saturday, April 13th   10am - 4pm

Sunday, April 14th   11am - 1pm     fee: $80


Mandalas are a basic structure that is reflected in much of the natural world. In this workshop Jane will lead participants in an exploration of the mandala pattern in mosaics using a variety of ceramic and glass tile, and other personal items such as jewelry. For some this may be the first time making a mosaic, for others, it is an opportunity to try out new ideas. Participants will be given a chance to treasure hunt in SCRAP for materials and inspiration. On Saturday Jane will go over techniques as participants create their mosaic mandalas. Sunday the mosaics will be grouted and finished.


About Jane

Jane Schafgans, native San Franciscan, has been working with mosaics for many years. Besides teaching adults, she has also worked as an artist in residence, partnering with fellow artist Kim Payne, in several public and private schools in S.F, facilitating mosaic murals designed and created by students. She has also volunteered on several public works mosaic installations around the city.

SCRAP Workshop -
Artist Aprons  w/ Amelia Strader

Saturday, April 27th 10am - 4pm   fee: $60 


Join Amelia Strader as she shows participants how to make an  Artists Apron. This quick and easy design is made from just one yard of fabric and can be customized with stamps made from buttons! Bring your own fabric or dive into SCRAP's incredible collection of fabrics, trims, and buttons to find materials to create an apron that reflects your personality and interests. Participants will cut out a pattern, finish a seam with bias tape, top stitch pockets, and create

decorative stamps from buttons. Amelia provides patterns for S, M, and L. Please bring a sewing machine. This is not a beginners class, participants need to be experienced sew-ers.


About Amelia
Amelia Strader has 20+ years of sewing experience under her handmade belt. She grew up surrounded by art supplies, fabric, and yarn. She got her BFA in Fashion Design from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design and worked as a technical designer in the garment industry. Amelia is head crafter and owner of local mobile crafting workshop, GoGo Craft. Amelia's main goal is for her students to feel inspired by what they learn, and to keep creating after they leave class.

SCRAPpy Workshop -
Creative Collage  w/ Roxanna Walker
Saturday, May 11th 1-4pm     fee: $30


Celebrate your innate creativity with an afternoon of collage led by local mixed media artist Roxanna Walker. Collage as we know it surfaced 100 years ago with modern mastersBraque and Picasso. Despite that impressive start it is an excellent medium for those who yearn to create but have no formal back- ground in art. Collage is a no-pressure technique with no mistakes! Participants will delve into SCRAP for images and other elements that inspire and speak to them. And go home with at least one collage and lots of inspiration for your next visit to SCRAP!      


SCRAP Workshop -
Art Journaling  w/ Jennifer Mantle
Saturday, May 18th 1-4pm     fee: $40


Join instructor Jennifer Mantle and get started on your own personal art journal in a fun and playful environment. Jennifer will offer inspiration, tips and techniques that even experienced art journalers will enjoy. The process is the product in art journaling, so "permission" will be the word of the day! Participants will use rubber stamping, paints,
stencils, collage, found  objects,
natural objects, and just about anything else you can find at SCRAP (or bring from home!). You don't have to be an artist or a writer to art journal. The only requirements are a willingness to experiment, play, and possibly get messy.


About Jennifer 

Jennifer Mantle has been teaching transformative workshops since her teens, and using art to enliven the process in soulful playshops for the last 5 years. See more of her art and approach at      

Drop In Jewelry Making Mondays 12 to 2pm
Join Susan Solstice for SCRAPpy jewelry making
($5 suggested donation)
SCRAP 801 TOLAND (ENTRANCE ON NEWCOMB), SF, CA 94124 . (415)647-1746 .