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Sunday Morning
October 30, 2016
 Fresh home from our first Cub Scout camping trip with a newly minted Bobcat in the house.  The weather was unbelievably good and my 7 Tiger Cubs & parents had a great first trip.  We shot off water rockets, hiked, caught fish, and really got to know each other a lot better.  I am a little delayed in getting out today's issue of the Hot Finds but I think you understand when you come off a camping trip a hot shower and clean clothes takes precedent.  Enjoy the picks I found to highlight in today's newsletter.  
Vintage Scouting Auctions Live on eBay
The Black Beaver X featured here is a $500 patch if OAimages still holds it's value.  That lodge changed it's name prior to 1960 and never issued a flap so that makes anything from the lodge especially tough.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Looking Good
I don't usually see OA pieces from the 75th Anniversary doing as well as the jacket patch and flap pictured below.  I'm a fan of classic OA pieces on neckerchiefs and found several to feature here.
Auctions Ending Soon With Bids on eBay
One of the consignors I'm working with sent me a 1st edition hard bound handbook to auction off this week.  I don't think I can take that one to the next den meeting to show off - too may 7 year olds around a 100+ year old book equals trouble.  Still I do hope to share some Scout history with the boys along the way from my collection.
Santeeswapper on eBay Patchblanket.com
Over the next few days I've got over 100 auctions ending including all the links featured below.  The ACC usher patches I've been selling have been fun to watch.  I've got the last of the collection on now.
I hated to miss my lodge's Fall Fellowship since I probably can count on my fingers how many I've missed since 1986.  But there will be no regrets when I think back to seeing my son get his Bobcat and start building some of his own Scouting memories. 
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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