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Sunday Morning
October 16, 2016
This weekend I ran down to my hometown of Sumter, SC to have a little get together with old school pals as this is the 25th year after graduation.  Really just dinner with friends as opposed to a full blown reunion.  It's amazing how most now have multiple chapters in their life book marked by marriage, divorce, kids and moves.  While I haven't had quite that much of a roller coaster I was reminded how I've been grounded in Scouting all that time and even tough I've moved around I still make it to my boyhood Scout camp 3-4 times per year.  
Vintage Scouting Auctions Live on eBay
Every once in awhile I test the waters to gauge my chances of getting Sophia my daughter to give Venturing a try.  Yesterday in the car Patrick was talking about Tigers and I made the comment that Sophia was going to be a Boy Scout in a little under two years. She happily agreed and told her brother she was going to be doing high adventure.  I tried very hard not to let her see my smile.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Looking Good
If you like National Committee patches there is a seller running a nice batch of them. Over the years I've had a few of those go through my hands and there is always somebody happy to put them in their collection.
Auctions Ending Soon With Bids on eBay
I just got word from one of my consignors that he is going to send me a 1st edition Handbook and a Heroism medal to auction off on eBay.  This is the beauty of selling pieces on consignment as I don't have any of those killer items myself to offer up but on eBay I can still get in the action helping someone else find a new home for their pieces.

Santeeswapper on eBay Patchblanket.com
If you like 1950s Explorer events then you'll want to check out my live auctions ending  soon on eBay.  In the coming week I'll be putting a bunch of Jamboree sets up for bids as well.
This is my first time using a Facebook event page to promote something.  I've set one up for the Charlotte TOR and it allows people to mark whether they are attending or considering it.  I spent a lot of time Friday reaching out to people regarding the show and pretty much exhausted my contact list.  Hopefully, the word is getting out!
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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