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My son was running a high fever last night so I had to hold him out of his first pack meeting.  However, my wife figured this would be a good chance for me to attend my daughters Girl Scout meeting and take stock of the new troop she has landed in.  When you have 1/2 dozen middle school girls sitting around tables it can get pretty silly but I thought the troop leader showed great patience and managed to keep the girls somewhat on track.  They are going to do a "cardboard campout" in November to bring attention to the homeless issue.
Vintage Boy Scout Memorabilia Up First
I confess I don't know whether the Hawaii strip pictured to the left is a really good state strip or considered a council shoulder patch. My guess is the later but that's not my field of expertise.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
At the recent TOR I attended Randy Holden showed me pictures of the New Jersey Scout Museum.  I was very impressed and quizzed him for a long while about how it was set up and organized.  When I get the podcast off the ground this will be one of the topics I want to kick around - what are the models for how different councils have historical committees and camp museums that work well.
Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
I can't explain why two parents would get into a bidding war over the new Bear book that you can buy in the scout office.  But the funniest thing in this block might be the odd item pictured below that is described as a "motorcycle eagle ring".  Huh?  The seller does add later that it might not be Boy Scouts (ya think!)
Patchblanket.com eBay Store Santeeswapper
The auctions continue in my eBay store as I roll out more of the consignment collection that I've received from CA.  By Friday you should find an unboxing video for this collection that will show some of the new items about to hit the store at Patchblanket.com.
My wife is planting the seeds to ship me off to work at Scout camp this summer.  She attended church this past Sunday with her father at her home church where one of our long time friends is now a summer camp director.  Of course she also had to ask him the question "do you take kids".  I don't know if anything will come of it but as she reminded me the story I always tell people is that I became a school teacher because I wanted my summers off to work at camp.      

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