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Sunday Morning
August 28, 2016
The guys running the show at the Occoneechee Lodge 104 TOR did a great job.  The place was hopping the whole time and many people pulled in needs and made good sales.  The cook team did a fantastic job - ask me about the pork slider sandwiches for lunch Saturday.  I've already sat down with Google maps to see what's the next show I can justify driving to.  These folks that fly in are just a little too fancy for me. Instead my motto is "have Buick Rendezvous will travel".        
Vintage Scouting Auctions Live on eBay
This block includes lots of cool pieces including those Florida OA items pictured below.  I've got them on my watch list because I love quirky lodge stuff that die hard collectors want to go to war over.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Looking Good
Even I got into the fun at the TOR and picked up some needs that will stay in my collection.  The opportunity presented itself to purchase a complete Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge 70 collection and I bit hard.  This is a lodge that I had kinda been ignoring since I turned my collection to focus on the earlier pieces.  I've toyed with the idea of having what you might call a Blue Book I collection.  Using the original 1996 book as my checklist and ignoring everything that came after.  It's an idea!
Auctions Ending Soon With Bids on eBay
Here is a picture of Dan and Ron going through my dollar boxes like pros.  These guys pulled out something like 75 patches that we made a deal on.  For the TOR I brought lots of bulk stuff and traded out a Wood Badge folding chair, sold a metal catalog rack (gave another to a Scout) and recycled many patch pages and holders back into the hobby. 
Santeeswapper on eBay Patchblanket.com
Coming up on Tuesday I have some live auctions ending on Jamboree items including many JSP and staff pieces.  A few of them are linked in here and you can also go to my eBay store with this link and see a run down of all the live auctions I have that are ending this week.  Hopefully when the kids go to school Monday (thank you Jesus) I am going to get more listed to keep it going.
The kinda strange thing that was missing from the 104 show was traditional dealers like Roger Ward, Chris Jensen, Gene Cobb, Mark Graff.  It was not a problem though as the tables were sold out and many veteran collectors in the Carolinas had plenty to sell on their tables.  John Pleasants and I anchored one wall.  My tables were right next to the men's restroom.  Hey, I'll take foot traffic any way I can get it at a show.             
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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