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I'm on vacation up in the mountains of NC this week so I'll just get straight to the good stuff - auctions!
Vintage Boy Scout Memorabilia Up First
In the opening block today we have tons of really classic stuff that some of you will want to window shop and check out.  I don't know how many B-P collectors are out there but all of use are just a little bit curious about the truly vintage auctions on eBay.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
I just got word that a friend of mine in Santee 116 has a collection that he needs to sell which is 95% complete with flaps and event items.  He wants to sell it all as one big chunk.  If you are interested contact Phil Bethune and see what he is interested in doing.
Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
This week in the mountains of NC I'm knee deep in tie-dye shirts and VW buses.  I find myself falling back on my Scout habits though.  Today my friend asked why I had a bandana tied on my shorts.  That is a Girl Scout tradition where you use it as an all purpose rag to wipe your hands etc.  I've been turned into a GS camper!  At least I didn't have my hair tied up in one like the other ladies that I would see at Girl Scout camp.
Patchblanket.com eBay Store Santeeswapper
With me away from the home base I'm not running any big sales in my Patchblanket.com eBay store this week but with over 6,000+ items there is plenty there for sale.
My buddy swears that I'm going to come home from this trip with VW bus fever and that I'll want to dip my toes back in again.  I owned a bus pre-kids but that was a long time ago.  We will see if I am turned after a week of chillaxing with the hippies.  

Yours in Scouting,


Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

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