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Friday Morning Edition
April 22, 2016

Today is the final day you can get in on the BSA Camp Patch blind trade. I've got a nice stack of packages waiting to be sorted and shuffled.  I don't have a number yet on just how many collectors are taking part or how many patches are involved but it's pretty strong.  As long as you get your package in the mail today it's not too late.  I'll be shuffling the trade next week and mailing them out.
Vintage eBay Boy Scout Auctions This Weekend
This weekend I'm off to the SR5 Dixie Fellowship at Knox Scout Reservation of the Georgia-Carolina Council in Augusta, GA.  Our hosts for the weekend are Bob White Lodge 87.  This is a relatively new camp that was opened in the last couple of decades.  The weather forecast is looking a bit iffy for rain so keep your fingers crossed for us.
Auctions ending Friday and Saturday on eBay
On Facebook there is a GoFundMe campaign being run to assist in funeral expenses for the son of Debbie Hite.  Many of you will know her from Facebook and maybe even heard her as a guest on my podcast a few years back.  She lost her son tragically and we all want to support her during this family struggle.  If you want to find out more click on Funeral Expenses and Other costs.
Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
I am still getting emails from folks asking advice about what to do in a little over a week when eBay rolls over a new fee structure for eBay stores.  I promise that this week (maybe by Tuesday) I will have a long post laying it out similar to what I did after the last big change.  Hopefully this time someone won't rip off my content and post it as his own eBay Guide to once again steal my ideas.  But it all comes back around and I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Cleaning Up The Shelves on Patchblanket.com
This week on my Facebook Store the big new post was adding over 70 special issue shoulder strips to my sales album.  Each of these SAP/FOS strips are priced at $10 each.  I'm sure some of them go for a lot more than that on eBay but I enjoy the simple pricing structure that allows people to get a bargain in my Facebook Store. Next week comes more OA flaps and a big batch of JSPs that I've pulled together.
I spent some time this morning adding new shows to the TOR calendar. If you don't see your event listed email me a flyer and I'll work it in ASAP.  It's possible that next year I'll be able to make a lot more shows and I'm certainly looking forward to it.        
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC
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