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Friday Morning Edition
April 1, 2016

It seems as if there is a growing tradition in Scouting and the hobby of Internet fueled April Fool's pranks.  Many of you are familiar with the long running tradition of John Pannell posting one on his blog.  I looked on the Internet and found a few more from some surprising places that I'd like to share today.
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I'll have links at the bottom of the issue to all these infamous hoaxes but first up let's see what the webmaster at OAimages.com has for us this year.  The title for Pannell's post reads, "BSA To Award Finisher Medals At Camp"  Some of you may follow him on Facebook and know that he has taken up running later in life and getting those well earned medals is a passion of his.
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A bit more sophisticated hoax has been posted on the official blog of Scouting Magazine authored by Bryan Wendell.  The title is "Fur real: Boy Scouts of America to introduce Puppy Scouts program". Among the cute ideas is that instead of patrols the groupings will be called kennels. For advancement these little guys will earn collar loops such as Dry As A Bone which is awarded for demonstrating for two weeks that you are completely house trained.
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The final April Fools prank that I'll share is from Scouts Canada and was posted on their Facebook page.  It announced that from now on using traditional campfires will be banned.  Instead Scouts will have screens playing a recording of a fire instead because let's face it kids prefer screens. 
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There is still time to catch my weekly sales running in my eBay store.  You can get any of my over 1,500 council activity patches for 50% off through the weekend.  I'd love to find several hundred of these issues new homes to ring in the new month.
Well if you've read all the way down to the bottom of the newsletter I'll share links to the stories mentioned above: BSA to Issue Finisher Medals at Camp Fur real: Boy Scouts of America to introduce Puppy Scouts program  Scouts Canada. You might want to have some fun today sharing these with other Scouting friends and putting a smile on their face.      
Have a great weekend,

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