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Sunday Morning
March 6, 2016
Be sure to read down to the tail end of this newsletter to find updates on the OA activity patch blind trade and hundreds of patches that were added to my Facebook store.  Let's jump right into the auctions.      
Vintage Scouting Auctions Live on eBay
There are some golden oldies in this box.  Any time this block features multiple items from that are preWWII that is always a good sign.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Looking Good
So far 2016 is a quiet year for issuing new OA patches.  I have heard rumor that some lodges are going to put out patches for the programs being offered this summer at the Summit.  
Auctions Ending Soon With Bids on eBay
I have found that there is quite an active secondary market on eBay for modern era uniform shirts - especially for Venturing.  Some folks are kinda picky about the material and the exact version of that uniform they want.  I've got one waiting in the closet for two years from now when my daughter will be old enough to sign up.
Santeeswapper on eBay @Patchblanket.com
It's not too late to catch some big sales I have running in my eBay store. You can get 50% off Jamboree Shoulder Strips and 35% off Santee 116 patches at www.Patchblanket.com. 
Shake Up Your Dupes - Get Auction Material
Yesterday I heard from an OA adviser that is getting in on the blind trade as a way to get material for his upcoming lodge auction.  The lodge has plenty of dupes sitting in the lodge box on OA activity patches so he is going to send me 50 and get back 50 different.  Those unique patches will be used in the lodge auction.  Now that's a great idea!
Just Added To My Store Saturday PM
I have a very simple pricing plan for all the FOS, SAP and special issue shoulder patches that I get in.  Sell them all for $10 and if someone gets a steal then good maybe they will come back next time.  Last night I added 235 of these patches to my Facebook Store and you can put your name on them by sending me a message or email.
Today is Girl Scout Sunday!  We are celebrating at the church with Scouts participating in both services.  I hope to get a big group picture at the end that I can share with the Hot Finds readers on Tuesday. 
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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