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Sunday Morning
January 24, 2016
I am taking my Girl Scouts to the Summit. Yes...that Summit!  The Black Diamond Girl Scout Council in WV has rented the Summit during the first full week of the summer and are allowing out of council troops to participate.  We are going up on a Wednesday and coming home on Saturday.  The girls will get 2 full days to do all the activities around the Summit center.  I've already got my 2nd (and maybe 3rd) leaders locked down so its a go. NOW let me thank these three gentlemen who are helping pay for Sophia's camp at the Summit. David Miller, JS Harrison Jr. and James Beggerly have all purchased cookies online from my daugther.  Every box she sells puts more money towards the $240 registration fee for that trip to WV. Here is a link that will allow you to purchase cookies online from my Scout and have them shipped to your house.    
Vintage Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
Well for any of you out there that have worked on a lodge memorabilia history book I hope you've taken time by now to review the major changes proposed in the reworking of the Blue Book.  One of the most notable is dropping the "S" designation for solid embroidered flaps and making "F" be the letter used to describe all flap shaped insignia regardless of its material.  That in turn would renumber most lodges completely.  See maybe you should read and comment on this before it becomes final.  Click here to take part.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Closing Soon
Well in the process of packing this weekend that included going through all my Boy Scout memorabilia reference material.  I had them in a couple of different places and merged all the piles together and discovered a had a few dupes. I'll be listing on those on my Facebook Bargain Store tomorrow including a copy of the original 1970s Arapahoe.
Boy Scout Auctions Ending This Weekend
One of the coolest parts of this cleaning project was reading the first couple pages of each book.  I was not really familiar with some of the authors but it's amazing to lay them all out on the floor and literally look at the history of this hobby. If I really find some time I'd like to make a blog post listing all these works to share on the net.  Almost all of them are hopelessly out of print but still it's neat to see the DNA of the hobby in these reference books.
Order Cookies & Send Sophia To Camp
So far this year the readers of the Hot Fidns have purchased 48 boxes of cookies online to help pay for my daughter Sophia to attend a camp at the BSA High Adventure base in WV.  This year the Girl Scouts have made it even easier to sell cookies to friends online.  The simple storefront here lets you pick any flavor and have them shipped to your house.  Sophia still gets credit and you get months, or weeks or for some of you just a couple days worth of yummy treats that almost taste better coming out of the freezer.
Order Your GS Cookies Online Today
Patchblanket.com eBay Store Always Open
The most recent new folder in my Facebook Bargain Store is one dedicated to the patches issued by the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group.  I've got some of these in dupe and I included some bulk deals to help me close them out. I also added a folder with some repro OA jacket patches that are looking for a new home.  What's next?  Well for some reason my patch addiction got the better of me this week and I purchased nearly 1,000 CSPs and JSPs from two different guys.  I'm going to roll the dice and list those on FB at ScoutPatchHQ.com and see if they will move.  
Well how about his for a very quiet roll out. I've got a new .URL for you to click on.  Sometimes I come across a collector that has never heard of the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook group.  When I tell them to go find it on FB literally they have to look.  The actual link for the group is Facebook.com/groups/ followed by 15 random numbers.  So in talking with my co-founder Brad England this week the decision was made to try out an easy .URL that would point straight to the group.  Try it yourself!  If you want to see what the 9,000+ members of the group are up to then you can click on www.spcfbgroup.com and drop right in there.  
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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scoutpatchhq It will take me some time to get this new Facebook Bargain Store up to thousands of items but then again it's only a week old.  I am calling it a bargain store because since I am not paying eBay fees I am giving discounts and free shipping on all orders.  I enjoy the back and forth with messaging people.  I realize that not everyone is on FB and that limits the audience but it's a platform that I am on daily so it works for me.