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Friday Morning Edition
January 22, 2016

I'm one of probably millions of people riding out this Friday at home instead of venturing out into the rough weather that is staring down the East Coast today.  Was it coincidence or a brilliant plan that on a school snow day I published a new video and put out 150+ OA flaps for sale in my new Facebook Bargain Store at ScoutPatchHQ.com?  
Vintage eBay Boy Scout Auctions This Weekend
The new video is an unboxing video from the same gentlemen that sold me the CSP box I featured in the newsletter a few weeks ago.  Every once in a while I'll get a collection where the person drips it out in boxes instead of sending me everything at once. This OA box is the last one he sent and obviously the best stuff was saved for last.
Auctions ending Friday and Saturday on eBay
So here is my deal on the OA flaps that might appeal to some of you.  I've got 90% of them in a photo album folder where they are $5 each with free shipping.  No middle man (sorry eBay) to take a cut so I've got these flaps (many pre-fdl) priced right. Furthermore, if you buy 10 then I'll toss in a free flap from the collection of your choice.
$5 OA Flap Album Stocked With 150+ Issues
What I am doing on  ScoutPatchHQ.com is if you see something you like then you send me a private message through FB and tell me the SKU# of the patch that you want.  If it's still available I will let you know and we can settle up through PayPal.  As I sell the flaps I am deleting the pictures.  So it's first come first dibs and I'll sell the flaps in the time stamp order of the message I receive from collectors.  That way it's just us making a deal and I can pass the savings on eBay to you with free shipping!  
Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
Now every flap in that collection is not a $5 flap.  In fact there were a couple of Vigil flaps in there that are worth some pretty pennies.  So those flaps are in a folder where I took the time to BlueBook ID everything and the price is listed as a caption on the image.  There are no bulk discounts in this sales album but this is the good stuff. Same procedure thought just send me a message and I'll settle up with you that way and you can pay with PayPal.
OA Flap Unboxing Video Shows You What's Inside
Santeeswapper Patchblanket eBay Store
If you like OA then don't forget that I've got plenty of that (thousands) listed for sale in my eBay store at www.PatchBlanket.com.  Most of the items are Buy-It-Now/Best Offer.  Here are just some of the pieces I've got there including 100th anniversary pieces. 

We are encouraging TOR sponsors to set up their shows as "events" in the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group.  Below is the weekly calendar that I run.  There are now more than 9,000 members of the group from around the world so I think that is a great please to advertise your show (for free!).  
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC
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