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Friday Morning Edition
December 25, 2015

I wrote this issue yesterday because I knew that Friday morning things would be a little busy in my household.  We have two kids anxious to open presents and my in-laws are visiting.  So I hope you enjoy this eBay newsletter distraction from all the celebration today for many.   
Vintage eBay Boy Scout Auctions This Weekend
It looks like I might be getting a new gig as a merit badge counselor.  At the charter school where I teach middle school social studies there are probably 10 Boy Scouts and a couple have dropped a hint about this idea.  So after talking it over with one of the parents I'm going to pursue teaching Personal Management after school.  I did something similar years ago when I worked at another middle school.
Auctions ending Friday and Saturday on eBay
I placed an order (my first!) from the online OA trading post this week.  I saw their email blast that said if you spent $30 you could get a free centennial chenille.  I've got a jacket that I want to sew that patch on so one hoodie and a round patch later I had a qualifying order. 
Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
There is a pretty cool website that allows you to find a Scout troop (or pack or crew) in your area by zipcode at www.BeAScout.org.  I started searching it this week nailing down possible units in the areas that we are looking to move.  I'm going to have a Tiger Cub next year so I need to do my homework!
Santeeswapper Patchblanket eBay Store
This block has links to lots of my Dixie Fellowship (SR-5) memorabilia listed on eBay.  I'm going to try and get a checklist with images going on CarolinaOA.com.  That is something that I had years ago on my website and it's fallen by the wayside. 

There are a couple of updates to the TOR calendar that are highlighted in orange text.  I hope you have a great Christmas!    
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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