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DECEMBER 20, 2015
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It might be the week of Christmas but the category has not slowed down that much.  Maybe sellers need to pay some bills that are going to come due on their credit card statements in January.  Either way this issue has some good picks for collectors.   
Top Auctions in the USA Category
Check out the best picks from the United States category on eBay in WWII.  It's the most active on the marketplace which is pretty simple to see why.
Best Live Auctions in WWII Germany on eBay
The 2nd largest category is always German items.  One of the great things about eBay is the churn of people reselling into the hobby along with new items coming out of estate sales and acquisitions. 
WWII Auctions From Around the World
This block represents items from many of the smaller categories including United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Japan and Russia.  The collecting niche gets smaller and smaller in these areas but there are some active bidders as you can see by these top picks.
WWI Auctions Live on eBay & Ending Soon
The World War I category is multiple times smaller than it's younger brother of WWII but there are plenty of neat items.  This block has nearly a dozen of the most active auctions based on bidding.
I will have an issue published on Thursday which is Christmas Eve.  Now how many sellers planned for their auctions to end on Christmas weekend?  I'll let you know in the next issue.

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper

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