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Sunday Morning
October 18, 2015
I sometimes have people send me messages suggesting things to add to the newsletter.  The nice RWS lot pictured to the right was one of those this week.  Enjoy!        
Vintage Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
It's hard to decide what to tell you about in this block. The gold Heroism medal is one you don't want to miss.  There are also some really nice activity patches that are 60+ years old doing well at auction.  
Order of the Arrow Auctions Closing Soon
There are some really cool classic OA pieces in today's issue.  If you are into VA OA I know I've thrown some nice picks in this issue.
Boy Scout Auctions Ending This Weekend
I don't personally collect stuff from Canada but I really like that uniform pictured below.  The purple neckerchief is kinda an odd ball item but I know it's getting some bids.
Patchblanket.com eBay Store Always Open
My sale this weekend is on over 2,500 CSPs & shoulder strips that I've got in my eBay store.  You can get 25% off for the next couple of days including some tough RWS that you can save over $100 on.
I will try and share pictures from the Girl Scout history display I am putting up in the next issue.  It's been a little cooler this weekend and that's just perfect for camping.  
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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