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Sunday Morning
March 1, 2015
I had a hunch confirmed recently that I thought some of you might like to hear about.  A few collectors have asked me about having an antique booth and whether I thought it was worth it.  Well I am coming around to the idea that it serves me as just one income stream for my patch business but there is a very real benefit to this model.  It's anonymous.
Vintage Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
Now normally selling in a small hobby and anonymity are not compatible.  It is because I keep myself out there that many people trust me enough to do business with me and feel comfortable sending me an email or picking up the phone and calling.  But there is one exception to the rule and recently this was confirmed.


Order of the Arrow Auctions Closing Soon
When you are "that patch guy" in your own local lodge or council sometimes the seasoned adults really don't want to buy from you.  For whatever reason there is something in the human nature that the more they know you (maybe it's just me!) then they just have some ill feelings towards you and wouldn't dare buy from you in person or on eBay.  However, when your stuff is sitting in an antique booth then they as the buyer they can remain anonymous and it neutralizes any unease.


Boy Scout Auctions Ending This Weekend
So how did I confirm this theory.  I stocked my Florence, SC antique booth with tons of local stuff including lodge hats, t-shirts, mugs and patches.  If you are as crazy about that stuff as I am then my antique mall booth at Palmetto Peddlers would be your honey hole.  Yesterday a lodge brother purchased 29 t-shirts and 11 hats from my booth while I was at the beach on vacation.  I don't know for sure who it was but I'll take the sale and since it covered three months worth of booth rent for me I'm still smiling.


The podcast archived linked in below is for the longest episode that I ever published.  It wasn't supposed to be that way but when I gave out the call in phone number one of my old Santee brothers called in and we got to sharing patch stories from the good old days. 

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Join me for Part 2 of my interview with Paul Gowder the webmaster of PowWows.com. Paul is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.  As a youth in Santee Lodge 116 (Florence, SC) Paul caught the "patch bug" along with me in the summer of 1986.  In this episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio Paul goes down memory lane and we recount some of his most interesting trades and characters that he met along the trail.

This episode was recorded in November of 2011 and was during the time that I still experimented with having a live call-in feature on the show.  Low and behold one of my oldest Scouting friends called in and the three of us got to telling tall tales of our first years as collectors.