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I spent a little time on the phone yesterday with another dealer in the hobby talking about the best set-up for a TOR.  I am already thinking ahead to the 2015 Pre-NOAC show and trying to decide the best way to go.  As much as I love TORs I don't get to attend many during the year.  Having a wife and two kids will do that to you.  So it's sad to say I may only be at one show between now and the August event in MI. 
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My Girl Scout calendar is likely to knock me out of two very close TORs that I would like to attend.  Instead of going to Norfolk, VA I will be taking the girls to N.C. State to spend a day with female engineering students.  Then in May instead of going to the Old North State show the troop will be camping at Camp Mary Atkinson near Selma, NC and climbing their alpine tower on Saturday.  I sometimes can hear the old Brotherhood Board question in my head.  "If you have an OA event the same weekend as a troop event which one will you attend?"


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So looking ahead to the Pre-NOAC show I've got three tables and I should have just enough room in my SUV to pack everything I need.  I've toyed with whether having a catalog rack (think Phil Boatman) is best or Jensen black boxes are best.  Some people go with the idea of lots of tubs (TSPA known for this).  I am still playing with ideas but since I've got 5 months it's going to be ok.


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I had the nicest email from a Scouter yesterday who stopped at my antique mall in Florence, SC at the Palmetto Peddlers.  Bob Levin stopped in and bought a few things on his way to the Sunshine TOR in Orlando.  I can understand why he would want to fly south in the face of the blizzard hitting New England.


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I've had some issues with images working right on the store over at ScoutPatchHQ.  This is one of the downsides of having your own platform - stuff breaks!  Hopefully all with be fixed in time but the store is open for business.


scoutpatchhqIt's Girl Scout cookie time and you may have heard that you can now buy cookies online and have them shipped to your door.  The way it works is we can send out a personal invitation (name/email required) and if you buy any my daughter Sophia will get the credit.  So if you would like me to send you that personalized link just email me back and include your full name.  We are a troop that does one activity per month (the secret sauce of a good troop I think) and it does get expensive. 

Yours in Scouting,


Jason Spangler
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