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Today I have a fresh piece of content for the you with a video from CarolinaOA.com interviewing Wesley Drennan.  Over the last year Wes has visited numerous OA lodge events as a guest across the Carolinas and in this 11 minute interview he shares his story and offers some advice.
Vintage Auctions Lead Off the Hot Finds
I've never seen anything quite like the Air Scout spotter kit below.  I thought it was just a model kit but when I saw it was branded "Air Scout" I knew there would be some interest on this item. 
Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
Pardon me for sticking a World Jamboree patch in this OA block but I really needed a spot for that nice old WJ patch from 1951. 


Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
In the video with Wes Drennan you can hear the story of how he got the itch to go to an OA event when his own lodge was in between fellowships. So on a whim he found out what other lodges nearby were holding events and started filling his calendar.  In the process he made new friends and go to trade some patches across North and South Carolina.


Santeeswapper Store at ScoutpatchHQ.com
Today I'm working to get a new box of OA flaps ready for auction on eBay.  I've got almost 400 auctions ending in less than two days now and I need some fresh ones to take their place.


OA Lodge Visiting With The Carolina Traveler
CarolinaOA.com Presents The Carolina Traveler Wesley Drennan
CarolinaOA.com Presents The Carolina Traveler Wesley Drennan
scoutpatchhq  Another project I'm going to knock out today is catching up on the Hot Finds Archive on Scouting Hot Finds.com.  My goal is to preserve every issue so you can always go back and check on those big auctions that closed.

Yours in Scouting,


Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

The new 2014 V2 is loaded with 1251 pages of reference material for Scouting memorabilia collectors.  It includes all known camps and includes information on their council names, dates of operation and more. You can purchase this PDF as an instant download($17) or as a cd on eBay($20).  If you want a hard copy the printed version($55) of this book is also on eBay.
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