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Sunday Morning
November 30, 2014
I hope you've had a great holiday weekend.  I got rid of my in-laws and did eBay shipping for 12 hours yesterday so I'm glad it's Sunday!  Enjoy clicking through the Hot Finds picks today and when you're done take a walk around the neighborhood to work off the Thanksgiving calories. 
Vintage Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
The vintage pair of Boy Scout shoes ends pretty early this morning so I don't know if you'll catch it live but it's a very cool item - seemingly never worn.


Order of the Arrow Auctions Looking Good
I am headed to a TOR in a few weeks up in Winston-Salem, NC.  For many years this was a 1-day show but now it's a full Fri/Sat TOR with a date earlier in the month.  If you want details you con the Old Hickory TOR set for December 12-13 click here for the website.


Boy Scout Auctions Ending This Weekend
Another TOR that I'm attending in the new year will be the first show of 2015.  Santee 116 is sponsoring a 1-day show in conjunction with the lodge winter banquet on Saturday January 3 in Florence, SC.  The memorabilia show will be in the 30+ table range ($10 each).  This idea was driven by the youth of the lodge and I hope some of the collectors in the region will come down and support it.


ScoutpatchHQ.com Memorabilia Store
In Friday's issue of the newsletter I had a link to Nick Wolf's big Cyber Monday Sales Flyer.  The Patch King has a neat idea and I hope to have him as a guest next week on a new episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio to share his strategy.


We had relatives at our house for three nights so things are finally starting to get back in order.  This afternoon we are having Girl Scout leaders over for a meeting to talk about Spring activities.  I think at this point I'm very much looking forward to Monday when everybody gets back on schedule.               

Yours In Scouting,


Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC
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