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I have a new feature to roll out in today's issue.  It's a video talk show that Brad England and I have started that we are calling Thread Heads.  Since this is episode #1 I'll spend a few minutes in this newsletter explaining the concept.
Vintage Auctions Lead Off The Hot Finds
About a year ago I recorded some Google Hangouts with Hank Birdsong for the CarolinaOA.com website.  The video chat was an easy way to actually show folks the patches and the short back and forth format was fun to produce.  You can check out those early Cloth Talk 2.0 episodes 
with this link to CarolinaOA.com.


Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
When Brad and I started the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group over two years ago we also bought the .url to go with it.  I never really had any new content to put up on ScoutPatchCollectors.com. So when I finally got the site cleaned up with a new design Brad and I came up with the idea of this video talk show to share information and help new collectors.  During our brainstorming he came up with the name Thread Heads and the silly graphic was my contribution.  


Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
Where does the show go from here?  We hope to get a new episode up each week and publish on Monday.  We have also talked about getting guests to come on and help us focus on interesting topics in the hobby.  If you have a webcam and an idea send Brad an email because we are looking for collaborators.   


Patch Collectors Talking About Collecting
We just published our first episode and you can click on the image above to watch the video on the website.
Santeeswapper Store at ScoutpatchHQ.com
After sending out the Sunday issue of the newsletter I got a nice order in from Phil who was picking up some OA.  As the NOAC approaches with 10k+ attending this will be an awesome year for trading so look for some needs or trading stock at ScoutPatchHQ.com


scoutpatchhq I've got the kids home for Veteran's Day and we are going to try and enjoy some family time today.  My dad is a retired Master Sgt. in the USAF so I'll also be putting in a call to him today.

Yours in Scouting,


Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

The new 2014 V2 is loaded with 1251 pages of reference material for Scouting memorabilia collectors.  It includes all known camps and includes information on their council names, dates of operation and more. You can purchase this PDF as an instant download($17) or as a cd on eBay($20).  If you want a hard copy the printed version($55) of this book is also on eBay.
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