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Sunday Morning
November 9, 2014
In my interview with Richard Mori one of the observations he made is that Boy Scout collectors often times have a bad reputation among antique dealers.  I decided to break that comment out of the episode of my Podcast and instead use it as a talking point for this issue of the newsletter to amplify Richard's words.   
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If you want to listen to the comment first you can click here and it should open in whatever program you use to listen to music.  Essentially, Richard believes we as a hobby have built up a bad reputation for some discourteous behavior that Boy Scout collectors often display.


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I think you can boil down Richard's observation to this.  Often times when we collectors are dealing with antique dealers we are dismissive of their products and pricing.  Instead of showing an appreciation that somebody has Scout stuff we tell them that their item is considered junk in our hobby and their valuation is laughable.


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Richard asks collectors to take a step back and think about the situation.  This person has at some time purchased and acquired the collectible and they are just trying to bring it to market for resale.  They could be pricing it on what they've been told or their own personal knowledge of what it should go for.  So in the end let's try to remember the Scout Law as we deal with people that are not in our hobby. If you want to listen to the complete show click here.


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I woke up this morning and had a $37 sale in my store.  Thanks Mitch!  If you haven't checked out my store at ScoutPatchHQ.com come see what I've got.


Saturday while some of you were visiting TORs I was paddling down the very shallow Black River in SC with an old friend.  We were on the river for about six hours and had to portage around downed trees a total of eleven times so it was quite an adventure.  Other than both of us slipping on the mud into the river before we even launched the trip was smooth sailing. Maybe the coolest thing we saw (other than an alligator) was a nice buck with a pretty rack that laid down and died beside the river.  It looked like maybe a hunter with poor aim had hit him and the deer ran off and the chase ended at the riverside.             

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