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Sunday Morning
November 2, 2014
I am sending out this morning's newsletter from the dining hall at my favorite Boy Scout camp.  Even though we are deep in the sandhills of South Carolina lucky for me Verizon has a really good signal.  Despite a freak snow storm in the western part of the state things went on as planned at Camp Coker and my lodge has just about wrapped up a great fellowship. 
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As I mentioned in my Friday issue for this fellowship I was asked by the youth to put on a history talk on the Saturday afternoon schedule.  Rather than focusing on patches I took a chance to focus on the 85th anniversary of the camp.  I did make an audio recording of the talk and I'm going to blend it in with the slideshow to make a YouTube video


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I don't think my lodge has made any progress on putting together a history as required by national so I'm going to see if I can stir the pot this morning and bend the ear of the lodge adviser.  I have been talking to Rick Horne who has practically written a dissertation for Lodge 70 - the oldest lodge (counting mergers) in the Carolinas.


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The youth voted last night to get into the 100th Anniversary game with a 5-piece activity patch set for next year and a centennial flap that includes the logo.  We've got some youth that have the patch bug and it looks like a NOAC contingent of 30+ so they are looking forward to the big event.


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I did set up my display of camp, council and lodge memorabilia in the dining hall and if my remote connection was working a little bit better I would share the pictures.  But that can be a project for Monday morning.


Any weekend that I can spend at my home camp is a good one and I hope you've had a good one too.  My plan is to crank out some new content and videos this coming week so stay tuned.           

Yours In Scouting,


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