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OCTOBER 27, 2014
USA Hot Finds
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The Hot Finds is coming off a big auction weekend thanks to some eBay listing specials.  Today's issue will zero you in on some of the best live auctions in the largest military category on eBay. 
Top Selling Auctions in the USA Category
Pictured below in this block check out the Original WWII British Made ETO 8th AAF Pilot's Jacket Bullion Insignia.  It's a pretty interesting piece in this American block.


Best Live Auctions in WWII Germany on eBay
In this block there is a nice Luftwaffe holster for a 37M Femaru Pistol.  I don't usually single out these items but today I thought I'd point out something that wasn't a super valuable helmet or binoculars.


WWII Auctions From Around the World
I'm sure in the next day the British Pilots RAF Flying Helmet Goggles & Oxygen Mask below will trip over $400 in heavy bidding.  Its a great looking piece.


WWI Hot Finds Round Out The Top Auctions
The vintage trenching tool below is almost over $250 with twenty-two bids so far.  Not bad for something that was used to dig holes a hundred years ago.
I had a great time camping with the scouts over the weekend.  We did get some warm weather which brought out the mosquitoes but other than that everyone came home dirty, stinky and smiling.

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper

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